Hosting a children’s party calls for a lot of work and stress. You have to pick out a theme at which the whole party revolves around in – from the decors to the food. The decors have to be colorful and lively. Plus you need to think of a way to keep the kids entertained for hours so that you do not have to keep an eye on them every minute.

Getting a bounce house is definitely one way to make sure your child’s party is a blast. With a bounce house, all the kids will surely walk away from your house with a fun and memorable experience to cherish. But what kind of bounce house should you get?

Bounce houses have evolved and come in different forms and sizes these days. You can now get one that is bigger than your own house! Here is a list of some of the most popular bounce houses that people rent out or order these days.

Inflatable castles

Kuoye Inflatable castles are a hit for little girls who love to fantasize about being a princess. Getting this type of bounce house is great for princess-themed parties and will make your daughter feel like she has her own castle. There are also inflatable castles designed for boys. You can get this if your son fantasizes about being a king, prince, or knight in shining armor.

Inflatable slides

Some bounce houses come with an inflatable slide in the side. The slide also serves as an exit to the bounce house. You can also get an inflatable slide alone. Slides are often a favorite in the playground and they are still a hit as an inflatable.

Obstacle courses

If you want a big inflatable house, you should go all out and get ones that have obstacle courses. It can be inflatable tubes in the middle, slides, and even a climbing wall. Kids can still bounce around but now, they have more options to be active. This is great if you are hosting a hyperactive age group.

Water parks

If you are having a pool party, you can consider getting water bounce houses that feature water slides or land-based water parks. The bigger models come with their own pool. You can also get an inflatable pool slide that can be used to compliment your pool (just make sure you have someone to supervise and act as a lifeguard).

Ball pit

The ball pit bounce house is probably one of the most popular choices these days. This is a bounce house that is filled with light balls. You do not have to worry about the kids getting hurt as these balls are very light and soft as well.


You can also rent an inflatable tent for an outdoor party. This way, you can assure that everything stays in the shade no matter how hot it gets and the party can still go on even when it rains.

You can never go wrong with inflatables when it comes to a children’s party. Just make sure that you buy or rent from a reputable company to ensure that your bounce houses are of high quality.


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