The bamboo pillow has become quite popular in the market that most manufacturers are coming up with new brands of the product each day. This is both an advantage and a con to consumers. The advantage is the fact that there are more options from which to choose. On the other hand, the disadvantage is the task of choosing between the many brands is cumbersome. However, regardless of the brand or type of pillows, they have to be replaced after some time. Below are some reasons for replacing pillows,

Reasons for replacing pillows

  • Hygiene

One of the main reasons why you may need to replace your pillow is if it becomes too dirty to be used. Pillows are resting places for the head and neck. But, did you know the head is a host to many germs and bacteria sourced from hair products, sweat, and the likes?

Therefore, pillows need to be cleaned after some time. The problem is that most brands do not manufacture washable pillows. However, it’s difficult for them to make such pillows because of the types of fillings used and the fact that they tend to get lumpy and hard after exposure to water. The few brands that do make washable pillows only make wash-friendly covers and not fillings.

Dirty pillows habor disease-causing germs. Dirty pillows are responsible for dermatological issues, the likes of acne. For this reason, since you cannot wash your pillows, you are forced to replace them as soon as they get unhygienic. Some people opt for pillow protectors of pillowcases. When using a pillowcase, all the dirt and germs from your face and hair land on the case instead. It is easier to clean the pillowcases because you put them on and remove them at will. However, small amounts of dirt still penetrate your pillowcase, especially oil. Therefore, you may still need to replace your pillow for hygiene reasons, but after a long while.

  • Reduced Puffiness

When pillows are new, they tend to be puffy and fluffy. The reason is that the materials insider have not yet been exposed to pressure. The amount of time it takes for the pillow to lose its fluffiness and puffiness depends on the type of material used as the filling. For instance, feather fillings tend to get compressed faster than other materials like memory foam. Once the filling material wears off, it becomes flat and can no longer hold up your head like before. This warrants a new pillow. Adjustable pillows mostly do not suffer this disadvantage because the memory foam can be replaced.

  • Upgrading

Like any other sector, the pillow making industry goes through a lot of changes as time passes. Companies release new and improved products now and then. Therefore, another reason why most people replace their pillows is that there is a new one in the market that they would like to try out.


Using an old pillow is dangerous on so many levels. Firstly, the pillow loses its aesthetic appeal once it gets old and flat. The second reason is that the pillow tends to harbor disease-causing dirt and germs. Thirdly is that the pillow harbors pests like termites of bedbugs. And finally, using an old flat pillow could result in medical conditions like backaches.


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