Massage tools are one of the most popular equipment to have at home. These mechanical massagers help relieve stress, relax muscles, and so on, we’ve heard it all. But how does a glorified modified pumping machine help your body relax? What’s its effect on your body that reliefs you of stress?

What’s Stress?

Scientists say stress is not an entirely physical condition but also a psychological and physiological disorder. Getting stressed involves a lot of biochemical, physiological, and psychological influences from the brain.

Some signs of stress are muscle tension, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, social withdrawal, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and more. These conditions are more often than not, signs that you are experiencing stress.

An Excellent Massage Tool Makes You Feel Good (Psychological)

A great massage is an impressive solution to short-term and chronic stress. The key to this recommendation is its effect on endorphin production and other stress-relieving hormones.

Even a single session with any massage tool will aptly demonstrate just how good massaging can make you feel. You also derive this feeling partly from its muscle relaxation effect and its blood pressure effect.

Lowers Blood Pressure (physiological)

After numerous studies, scientists now agree that massage therapy decreases your blood insulin and cortisol levels. Since higher levels of these hormones promote higher blood pressures, the result becomes obvious.

Lower blood pressure relaxes your entire body and prepares it for rest. An ideal way to relieve work-stress is a massage session with your mechanical massager immediately you get home.

Relaxes Muscle Bundles (physiological)

Muscle tension is a common condition in everyday life where we’re always primed for a “flight or fight” response. This tension causes a butterfly effect that leads to muscle cramps, joint aches, and eventually stress.

Massage therapy helps you relax these tightly coiled muscle bundles. It also removes the “flight or fight” response by lowering blood pressure and releasing endorphins. Your mechanical massager will apply constant pressure to the muscles to loosen and relax them.

Massage Tools Improve Your Sleep Cycle (Physiological)

After a long day at work, you’re ready for rest, but your entire body still experiences latent stress from work. You deal with it by having a massage session with your massage tools just before you sleep.

The massage will lower your blood pressure, relax your muscles, and prime you for a great sleep. It also encourages your body to produce melatonin, which prepares your brain for rest.

Improves Overall Mental Health (Psychological)

Besides providing a better rest, more relaxed body, and so on, massage therapy is right for your mental health. Many doctors and psychiatrists now recommend regular massage to patients dealing with stress.

The recommendation is that you use your massage tool (if you have one) regularly and periodically. An excellent mental condition is vital in dealing with everyday stress in this new century.

Final Thought

Regularly relieving stress improves both your physical and mental condition. A stress-free body gives you an advantage against your co-workers and business competitors in daily life. There is no better way to undergo regular massage therapy than with high-performing massage tools.


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