Like a water hose, a hose reel is also an essential product for any gardener. However, hose reels are not only used by gardeners. Firefighters, oil miners, and practitioners in the mining industry, to name a few, also use these products. If you need a hose reel for whatever application, you will benefit from great deals from platforms like GiraffeTools. Click go deal to take advantage of these offers. After getting your hose reel, you also need to learn how to set it up. This excerpt will give you instructions on how to set up hose reel.

How to set up your hose reel

Setting up your hose reel is as simple as the following steps;

Step 1: Collect the necessary products

The first thing you must do is collecting the products you will need for the process. The type of products you need depends on your hose reel brand and design. Below are some of these necessary products;

  • The hose reel
  • Installation brackets
  • The hose connector
  • The starter kit
  • A water hose

Step 2: Put the hose reel together

After gathering all the products you need, the next step is to put your hose reel together. The best hose reel brands, like GiraffeTools, usually sell fully-assembled products. However, if you get a hose reel that isn’t fully assembled, you must ensure to put it together following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. It would be wise to ensure that you follow the instructions keenly; at least you encounter issues in the long run. Also, ensure that you use all the components provided by the manufacturer.

Step 3: Mount the hose reel

The next step of the process is mounting the hose reel. This step depends on the type of hose reel you have purchased. For instance, a wall-mount hose reel must be installed on a wall while a floor-mount goes on the floor. Mounting the hose reel is perhaps the hardest part of the process because you may need to use some tools like a screwdriver.

The trick is to ensure that the hose reel is securely and firmly mounted to keep it from falling. It would also be wise if you were keen on the location where you mount the hose reel. For instance, you need a location where the hose reel will be safe, and the mounting process will not cause any damages to your property.

Step 4: Connect the hose to the hose reel

From there, you can now connect the hose to the reel. Here, you will need to understand the components of the reel and where the hose goes. However, connecting the hose to the reel is an easy and fast process. Ensure that the hose is tightly connected to the reel to keep the water pressure from breaking the connection.

Step 5: Connect it to the water source

The next thing is to connect the hose reel to the water hose. You can do this by attaching the female fittings to the male fittings of the water connection.


Note that properly setting up your hose reel will go a long way in helping you get the best out of the product. It will also help with your hose reel maintenance.


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