Hairstyling is excellent and pretty, but to some extent, it becomes tedious. Waiting to get your hair done makes you wish you had a choice. Wigs have become very popular and serve different purposes. The various types available; full lace, lace front, or human hair enhance your look and confidence when properly installed. You can order yours from Taobao’s agent Noonbuy which offers the Taobao English version; hence shopping is easy. In this post, we look at how to maintain human hair wigs.

Ways of Maintaining Human Hair Wigs

Buying a wig that’s 100% human hair is expensive. Such wigs are made from real human hair, gotten from countries with customs requiring them to shave off the hair, such as China and India. They are designed to mimic the hairline and snuggle your head. Proper maintenance ensures the wig lasts long and retains its original look.

1. Washing Human Hair Wig

First, brush through it before any water contact to detangle it. Never soak the wig in the water. Instead, put in cold water and handwash immediately by applying a mild shampoo. Distribute the hair using a wide-toothed comb or your fingers gently to prevent the strands from breaking. Rinse using warm water, stroking it from downwards to get the shampoo into the hair. Keep the wig straight; avoid twisting it for easier combing. After rinsing, pat dry using a towel, air dry it or hang on a wig stand to dry.

2. Styling a Human Hair Wig

Some wigs come in one particular style, but you can switch up others a little to give a whole different look. Not every comb is meant for wigs, so go for wig brushes or those with wide teeth.

After combing, spray water using a spray bottle to get rid of static electricity. This makes it appear shiny and silky. Liquid wig mousse is ideal for achieving basic curls, while tight curls are made using a curling or flat iron.

For bold looks, human hair wigs can be bleached or colored, depending on your preference. These wigs give you room to play around with styles, but making changes too often may cause damage. Too much heat makes the hair break and decreases its volume.

3. Proper Storage of a Human Hair Wig

Proper washing and styling minus good storage may still ruin the wig. Wig storage is essential and should be given much attention. Colored wigs lose their shine when exposed to direct sunlight. Keep them away from heat as they can burn too. Hairnets, wig stands, and mannequins are good storage equipment available in most stores at affordable prices.

Short and medium-length units can be folded from ear to ear and stored in a net or a good-quality plastic bag. For long units, braid the ends to avoid tangling, and if styled, use a hair net to maintain it or place it on a mannequin.


Human hair wigs are such an investment and give you excellent service. Note, importing from abroad after buying from an online store like Taobao can slightly reduce the cost, and the quality is still good. Prices differ in terms of length, volume and style. Proper maintenance ensures the unit stays for extended periods and retains its original look. It also saves you money by not buying one often, and its versatility allows you to switch it up, making it appear different.


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