Diamond painting has risen to the top in the world market of painting because of the uniqueness in the style. By using the pick and stick method to perform personalized paint with diamonds, you can create a beautiful piece of art. Usually, in a diamond art painting 2.5 mm thick diamonds or so-called drills are used. They are stuck on a sticky canvas that already carries a high-definition image. The image is first broken down into some kind of coded boxes. The overall process of breaking down the image into codes and then adding to the codes diamonds has a unique kind of rhythm that seem to be endearing. Diamond painting is more than an art project. The facts that it carries may surprise you.

It resembles paint by numbers

Diamond painting follows the same pattern that paint-by-numbers does. In the process of painting by numbers, painters use certain kits that consist of a board that carries gray or blue lines. These lines indicate particular areas that need to be painted. Each area in a paint-by number painting contains a number and also a numbered paint that must be used.

The reason behind its fame

Diamond painting came to the limelight in 2015, when it was introduced as a form of art by a Russian company. However, still common people didn’t know about it. It couldn’t make a mark until certain bloggers and famous artists carried it onward by marketing it.

A diversity of variety

A diamond painting contains one of the biggest varieties to choose from when you desire to create a canvas. Either you can hire a company like icustompainting.com to produce a canvas for you and your family. However, you also can buy a canvas and create a picture to amuse yourself. Diamond painting has got a canvas for almost anything. You can draw the picture of a cat, a dog, a tree and a lake if you are camping on a vacation.

Most people switch to diamond painting because they find in it a particular kind of rhythm that is necessary for meditation. They find it therapeutic, fun and meditative. Actually, the way a diamond painting is produced in the form of geometrical patterns is in itself amazing. If you watch someone producing the painting, you will find it an amazing drill. It also is specifically structured on the canvas so that the diamonds glow when light fall on them.

So, apart from being meditative, they also look extremely beautiful. The diamonds are produced with a resin product that is usually of high-quality and that ensures a long-lasting shine and finish.

Good mental health

Experts believe that diamond painting has positive impacts on human brain because of the diamonds sparkle. They look soothing to the eyes. Diamond painting offers meditation because of the special pick and stick method. You have to pick the diamonds one by one and then stick them on an adhesive. This stimulates the brain. People feel in-control of their own feelings and emotions as a result.

If you do it yourself, it is said to boost brain activity. It also enhances fine motor skills. You have to use small muscles to paint that helps you meditate well.


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