You might have wondered what it is about loose wave hair that often make people stare in admiration. Well, it’s hard not to miss those shiny bouncing curls that can make every woman look youthful and beautiful. The fact that they are also super easy to maintain is another plus. However, if you want to get all the benefits of rocking loose wave hair and getting that adorable look, you would have to pick the perfect one.

A loose wave hair is basically large curls on long hair. Trying to get it naturally could leave you with frizzy or messy results. That’s why it’s much better to get a wig. One thing you should know is that it comes in various types, and we’ll be exploring the four major ones in this article.

Types of loose wave hair

Loose wave hair comes in four significant variations. The original ones are usually 100% virgin hair and should give you an appealing appearance regardless of your choice. They all have unique differences but are typically long-lasting and easy to handle. Here’s how to identify the different types of loose wave hair.

  1. Brazilian Loose Wave Hair

This is the most common type of loose wave hair today, and for a good reason. The high demand is primarily because it is a natural combination of both Caucasian and African-American weave. No matter what look you want to rock, this hairstyle will give you impeccable results and hold your curls up beautifully. Although they are available in natural colors, you should be able to dye them to a different color without any damage. Also, the perfect Brazilian loose wave hair is free from chemicals that preserve its natural look for as long as possible, even after several uses.

  1. Malaysian Loose Wave Hair

One feature that makes the Malaysian loose wave hair stand out is its incredible softness. They are silky to touch while having just the right amount of thickness. You can also count on this type of loose wave hair to last through several uses without losing its natural shine. In addition, it has several unique properties, including that it is made from real human hair without any chemical addition.

  1. Indian Loose Wave Hair

To know if you’re buying the right Indian loose wave hair, you should look out for the slight wave pattern. This hair type is not as wavy as the other types of loose wave hair. However, its texture is perfect if you’re not looking for too many waves or curls.

  1. Peruvian Loose Wave Hair

The Peruvian loose wave hair gives you a pleasant and easy way to change your hair color without jumping through hoops. This wig can be washed, blow-dried, and flat ironed, and it won’t tangle or shed. It’s a stress-free way to rock a fantastic look anywhere and anytime. Given how easy it is to handle this hair type, the perfect Peruvian loose wave hair will never get damaged with just a few uses.


No doubt about it, rocking a loose wave hair could very well be the best in the world. It’s a hairstyle that doesn’t demand so much from you and is worth every single dime, especially when you buy from a credible source.


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