UV Gel Nail Polish is the talk of the town currently. It is usually applied over your natural nails. Just like nail polish, the gel is made to accentuate the look of your nails. It gives them a natural look of strength, coupled with durability. The thin clear gel is applied to the fingernails directly. It helps protect your nails from abuse such as washing and any other brittle objects you may be in touch with. So how good is UV gel nail polish suitable for you? Here is an overview of the answers:

Why you should go for UV gel nail polish

UV gel nail polish costs more than regular manicures. Besides, you need them done in a salon by a professional. They also take longer to finish. The result is always a long-lasting nail polish that takes longer to fade away. The application process is almost similar to the conventional one, but a device is used to get final results.

How UV gel nail polish strengthens your nails

In the process, your nails will be shaped and then cleaned. Your hands will also be scrubbed before applying gel polish. A base coat is applied to help cover the nails and protect them from fading off within a few days.

The application process often changes with time. For instance, when the gel coat is added to the nails, they are placed under some light, known as the UV light, to help cure the nail polish. Every coat gets a set in the UV light right after the application and into the topcoat. Why the process? What are the benefits?

Women adore gel nails because they last longer than your traditional manicures. Other than that, gel polish does not chip. It means that you can easily keep it for three weeks. You would only need to change or remove it when the nails grow out far.

The removal processes

If your objective is growing your nails out, then UV gel nail polish is an ideal choice. It adds a protective layer to the nails such that they are protected from breaking. But there is also a drawback to it. It is challenging to get off. You may find yourself heading back to your attendee for removal instead of struggling to remove it. That is appended to the fact that it has to be soaked off. If you are a frequent gel polish user, you need to use sunscreen to protect the hands from Ultra Violet Rays damage.


With several treatments to select from, it may be challenging to know what product is ideal to use. UV gel nail polish is a reliable treatment to use. One of the pros of using it is the fact that it lasts longer than traditional nail polish. Gel polish may last up to about five weeks. Besides, it shall not chip or break or even peel easily.

Final Thoughts

UV gel nail polish is not just versatile but allows you to experiment with various colors coupled with design ideas vividly. Gel polish is also easier to apply as compared to the regular one.


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