African American braided wigs is one particular hairstyle that seems to be the most popular amongst women in all regions of the world. This is mostly because braids tend to amplify the already existing beauty of most women. When it comes to braids, there are different types and the tendency of many to jump onto a specific style depends on how beautiful or attractive it is.

To make braids better, women use different types of hair extensions. In this piece, you will find out the different common beautiful black braids that you can style your natural hair with today.

Common Varieties of Black Braids

1. Box Braids

Since the 20tg century, box braids have been one of the most popular. They are often braided tightly in three strands. Anyone can get the perfect look with box braids if they have great natural hair. In recent times, box braids are used by most women to make themselves appear longer and thicker.

2. Dreadlocks

This is about the most complex, yet beautiful type of black braids that anyone would think of doing. To get it right, a lot of patience and attention has to be put in place by you or anyone styling your hair. However, the best part about installing dreadlocks is that they can last for a long period, allowing you to get the utmost value for your money.

Ensure that you’re mindful of your natural hair while getting locs as you may lose them while taking the loss off.

3. Faux Locs

Faux locs are specifically for women who have intentions of getting dreadlocks but didn’t want to make it pronounced. They are quite similar to proper dreadlocks. However, while you can’t take out dreadlocks easily, you can with faux locs as they are installed with hair extensions. They also last for a long time, if you’re willing to leave them on.

4. Cornrows Braids

Cornrows braids are another type of braids that gained massive recognition between 1990 to 2000. Most people no longer appreciate its beauty, the reason why it seems like it’s slowly fading away. Other than that, women from all races are known to have done cornrows at some point as you don’t need to have thick hair go get them on.

5. Yarn Braids

If you enjoy having a unique texture of braids on, then the yarn Braids are the perfect one for you. Materials used for installing them are not quite soft or silky like other braids you know. If you’re willing to enhance your look and make your presence is known in most gatherings you find yourself in, yarn Braids may just be the answer as they tend to appear quite voluminous. As the name implies, The hair extension used for making them is called “yarn”.


Now that you understand the different kinds of black hair you should consider installing, you must know that the final out one of the hair depends on your hairstylist. You can go ahead and try these out.


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