There are different wigs available in the market today and if you want to get wigs made out of real human hair, a full-head wig can be quite expensive. What if you only need to patch up a small spot where you are experiencing hair loss or you just need a few hair extensions for added volume? A closure wig can solve that problem for you.

What is a closure wig?

A closure wig is not an actual wig – it is more of an attachment that is used to close a weave so you do not have to make use of your natural hair to do it.

Closures are anchored in different ways. Some use liquid adhesive, double-sided tape, and clips. Some closure wigs can be attached to cornrows through sewing. Waving techniques like bonding, micro links, and fusion can also be used for closure wigs.

There are different kinds of closures with different styles. Among the closure wigs, the lace closures are the most popular.

Benefits of using a closure wig

More natural-looking

The perfect wig has a seamless install and closure wigs achieve that. They usually use lace that is so thin that there is no need for blending. Lace closures do not carry the typical demarcation line that silk closures usually have. So, you do not have to dye your hair to match your wig. As long as it is installed correctly, lace closure wigs can give the appearance that your actual hair is what’s on your scalp.

Provides more protection

When you use a lace closure wig, your natural hair will be covered by the lace mesh. So, when you style the wig, your natural hair will be protected from chemicals or heat. There will be no damage and a lesser risk of your hair going thin or brittle.

Easy maintenance

Lace closure wigs require little effort from you when it comes to care and maintenance. Of course, you will be expected to wash, condition, and style it but that’s probably all the work that you can do. If you do not sew them in, all you have to do is take them off when you get home and put them back on again when you go out the next day.


A closure wig comes in different colors and styles! You can have straight hair, big curls, a bob, a long-length wig – and so many more. There is so much to choose from which would make it a lot of fun for those who love to change their looks every now and then.


The best thing about using a lace closure wig is that they are cheaper compared to a full lace wig or a 360 lace wig. You can just get enough bundles to help you cover up a problematic spot or give your hair some volume. This can save you a lot of money in the long run!

As you can see, the closure wig has a lot of advantages to give you compared to other wigs. They are a great thing to have around if you do not need a full wig!


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