Peruvian hair is one of the most sought-after hairs in the hair extension industry. As the name suggests, the origin of Peruvian hair is Peru. This country is inhabited by a mix of Spanish immigrants and Indian natives. Therefore, Peruvian hair features a few elements of Indian and Spanish hair. This post looks at the defining Peruvian hair qualities.

Qualities of Peruvian hair

The following are some of the primary characteristics of Peruvian hair;

1. Texture

One of the defining qualities of Peruvian hair is that it usually features a thick texture. This is also one of the main features that sets it apart from other popular types of hairs, like Brazilian and Indian hair. Its thick texture makes it ideal for various users as it blends well with all types of natural hair. It is also worth mentioning that Peruvian hair is usually incredibly smooth. Its smoothness makes it easy to comb and style. It also features an incredible shine that you cannot ignore.

Peruvian hair naturally grows in wavy, straight, and curly forms. This is why this hair is usually available in a wide range of forms.

2. Durability and versatility

Another fantastic quality of Peruvian hair is that it is usually quite durable and versatile. This means that the hair can withstand various elements, like heat, without losing its integrity or good qualities. The durability of Peruvian hair can also be attributed to its strength. Peruvian hair is also quite versatile. Peruvian hair is strong enough not to break easily, even when you comb it constantly. This means that you can style it in various ways. For instance, you can straighten, curl, flat-iron, or color the hair, depending on your preference. The versatility of Peruvian hair can be attributed to its texture.

3. Manageability

It is also worth mentioning that Peruvian hair is usually quite manageable. It is especially easy to manage the hair if it is in straight hairstyles. However, even if you decide to curl it, you can still find ways to manage it effortlessly. If you are a first-time Peruvian hair wig wearer, it would be wise to go for simple styles that you can manage without requiring any professional assistance or prowess.

4. Volume

Peruvian hair usually carries a lot of volumes. Despite its volume, the hair is usually lightweight. It is worth noting that the soft and silky nature of the hair is the reason for its lightweight nature. On the other hand, its volume can be attributed to its coarseness. Naturally, the style in which you wear the hair will influence its volume. For instance, wearing it in straight hairstyles will reduce its volume. On the other hand, curling the hair tends to increase its volume.

5. Color

Peruvian hair naturally grows in light and dark brown colors. However, there are a few discreet blonde Peruvian hair shades. These shades are quite rare compared to the latter. The good thing about Peruvian hair is that you can dye it to any color of your choice. The hair is strong enough to withstand the dyeing process.


Peruvian hair is one of the most popular types of human hair on the market. Its popularity can be attributed to the qualities listed above. Additionally, it is also one of the most visually appealing human hair types on the market.


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