Dogs are a fan favorite. They are cute, loyal, compassionate, cuddy, and generally very sweet. However, there are some aspects of owning a dog that are not as attractive as the latter. Some of the less attractive elements include potty training. The success of the process of potty training depends on several factors. Some of the many features include the age of the dog. Training an older dog is more comfortable because older dogs have better bladder control. However, younger dogs are faster learners and more energetic hence more convenient to train. In this post, we discuss the don’ts of potty training.

What you shouldn’t do when potty training

  • In case an accident happens, yelling or swatting is never the right response. For instance, you walk into a room and find out that your dog has done her business on the carpet. The reason why yelling is inappropriate is that the dog may not understand the reason behind the scream.  On the other hand, physical punishments are never the right solution. Not only could they result in injury to the dog, but it is also inhumane. There is a misconception that rubbing the dog’s nose on the mess may deter the behavior. This act is not only disgusting but inappropriate because it does not work.
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  • It is also inappropriate to allow free range exploring. The term “free-range exploring” refers to the act of dogs doing their business anywhere they want (free-range). Bearing no regard to whether or not the dog is young or new to the house, it is never a wise decision to allow the dog to do his business anywhere. Make it a point to create boundaries and rules from the first day you bring the puppy home.
  • Paper training is always ill-practice. Back in the day, potty for dogs was unheard of; hence paper training was the only option. However, it is a disgusting habit and inappropriate, especially in the case of urine. The mobility of paper training also confuses the dog and interferes with the process of potty training. It also teaches the dog that the potty business can be done anywhere. This is not a habit that you want to reinforce.
  • Another bog for dogs is quitting in between potty training. The process of potty training is hectic, and without patience, most dog owners may give up in between. Quitting mid-process may leave the dog confused. It may also result in the dog going backward in the progress that has been made.
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  • Aggression and anger is also never an option because dogs can sense the tension in their environment. The anxiety may cause it to either be aggressive or derail the progress. Stress is also a serious medical issue in dogs that should be avoided at any cost.

Take Away

The first step with potty training is to gather the right gear like a leash and a potty. It is also wise to set the right and reasonable expectations. However, the most critical tip of potty training is patience.


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