Online shopping is one of the fastest-growing industries on the continent. The industry keeps growing by the day because of its convenience. Following the growth of the sector, there are several online shopping websites. Each website strives to attract more clients because of the constantly growing competition. Clients often consider more than a couple of sites when looking for the best prices and products of choice before purchasing. This is, however, not the case for busy clients looking for a fast shopping experience. Therefore, online shopping sites use elements like SEO to stand out from the rest. Yeebia is one of the growing online shopping sites, primarily because of its post free ads online experience. In this post, we look at how to avoid counterfeit products in online shopping.

In an attempt to compete with the prices of other products and other sites, most online shopping websites turn to sell counterfeit products. Below are ways in which you can protect yourself from counterfeit products;

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  • Gather information on the seller

It is essential to collect adequate information on the site before spending your money on their products. Some sites pretend to be the actual company or brand that manufacturers the products in attempts to win clients. This can quickly be done by using a similar name with a single feature that differs from that of the brand. Before choosing the most suitable site to shop from, research on the product you wish to purchase and the brand as well. This will help you to set apart the original products from the counterfeit ones.

  • Read thru the customer reviews

Online product descriptions can sometimes be misleading, especially if the quality of the product is wanting. Thus the easiest way to gauge on quality and authenticity of any product is by looking at client reviews on websites. Clients tend towards being brutally honest, especially if a product fails to meet the set standards.

online shopping
  • Be wary of offers that are too good

Some online shopping websites use discounts and offer tips to lure clients into purchasing counterfeit products. Official manufacturers of products feature discounts and provided on their official website. This means that if a third-party seller or retailer offers a discount that is not featured on the official brand’s website, the product is wanting. Online shopping websites always offer these discounts in attempts to sell counterfeit products as fast as they can. This helps them to clear stock before clients realize the faults of the products. Therefore, before falling for a discount and price-related offers, confirm the existence of the offer.

  • Consider the price of the products

If the price of a product on the online shopping site is significantly lower than that indicated on other sites and or the official website, it is a red flag. Even though the price might differ a little bit, very big margins should trigger some alarm.

online shopping

Final Word

You can also tell if a product is counterfeit by looking at the packaging. As much as fraudsters would like to make their products resemble the original ones, there is always one feature that will act as a tell.


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