When looking to purchase personalised jewellery, many people get uncomfortable with a jewellery store. From the high price tags and technical language, feeling out is to be expected. Unfortunately, you can’t afford to do this not only to avoid getting scammed, but you might also end up buying a custom necklace, ring or bracelet that you don’t even like. Below are simple tips to follow when purchasing personalised necklaces.

  • Know What Kind Of Personalised Jewellery You Want

The worst mistake you might do when looking for a name necklace to invest is going to a shop while you are completely clueless. The best case scenario is you will be buried in a world of suggestion from very helpful retailers. Unluckily, since they do not know your taste, you will be quickly overwhelmed, and the whole experience might turn nasty after realizing your purchase mistake. To avoid this, do research and have an idea of what you want or your range of choice.  

  • Decide On The Colour Of Personalised Jewellery You Would Like To Invest In

After settling on the overall design you wish your necklace to resemble; do well to contemplate on the colour. As there are virtually hundreds of coloured necklaces in the market, going blank is a sure way to waste time in a shop. If you are planning to buy a necklace with some precious stone, decide whether you want a treated stone or one in a natural state. Do you need a gold or silver necklace? Doing this allows you to set a price point and avoids getting confused. 

  • Narrow Down On The Personalised Jewellery Metal Type

Whether you are investing in a personalised necklace, engraved necklace or initial necklace, decide on the kind of metal you want before perusing the catalogue. Ideally, different metals look differently on different skins tones, and it’s wise to consider a type that suits you. Note, just because a piece of particular jewellery looks like gold or silver that doesn’t mean it genuine. Narrowing down the type of metal you want allows you to have a more comfortable period making a purchase.

  • Consider The Personalised Jewellery Size You Wish For

Size matters because not every size is suitable for every occasion, for this reason, decide on what size you want before embarking on a search. If you desire to have a slim type design necklace, then request that. If you prefer a chunky personalised necklace for him that is set to make a statement, then say so. Doing this allows a retailer to guide you on the different types available.

  • Set A Limit On How Much You Are Willing To Spend On The Personalised Jewellery

Finally, before deciding on a retailer, type or design you wish for when purchasing a custom necklace, decide on a price limit. Ideally, it is not necessary to share your budget with your retailer as it only limits your bargaining power. However, stick to it when you are offered something that suits your taste but is a bit overpriced. Though some retailers allow haggling over prices, some will direct you to similar products with a lower price range.


Avoid being ambiguous when choosing to buy personalised jewellery for you or your loved one. As there are various types of personalised necklace in the market, delve in and research on them. Focus on details, quality, and weights when making inquiries for a better chance of buying high-quality necklaces.


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