If you own a dog, you need to take it for occasional walks and exercises. In such events, you need a leash that suits the particular activity you want to do with the dog. These leashes serve a basic purpose to protect your dog and have it under control in public. Many dog owners presume that any leash is as good as the other, but dogs have different behaviors that require you to opt for a particular type of leash. The leash options available in the knewpets store vary in length, style, and width. Each available category suits specific dog breeds and different dog activities necessary in everyday life and training. Here are the types of dog leashes you should know.

The standard dog leash

The standard leash is the common type used by dog owners for walking and basic dog training. The leash is available in different types made of leather or nylon. You can also find cotton and rubber materials, but they are not durable. The standard leashes have at least 4 to 8 inches in length and are tough to restrain dogs from misbehaving. The length offers freedom for the dog to move, and the handler can control the dog comfortably from the hand.

Retractable dog leash

The retractable leash comes with a length ranging from 4 to 30 feet to allow the handler to release the desired length depending on how they intend to control the dog. The leash works exactly like a measuring tape and contains a locking mechanism that can vary the length of the leash from the handle. With this leash, dogs get to move to where they want and learn to pull on the leash.

Adjustable dog leash

The adjustable leash allows you to control the length without letting the dog get away with constant pulls. Actually, it serves as the best alternative for both the standard and retractable leashes because it provides firm control and freedom to dogs when necessary. The adjustments created can range between 3 and 6 feet when you remove or add up the loops. You can decrease the length to train the dog and create a longer leash to offer freedom for walking.

Chain leashes

Dogs that tend to chew and destroy leashes need the chain leash instead of the standard leash. The chain leashes come in varying weights and thicknesses to suit all sizes of dogs. When you opt for the chain leash for a dog that constantly chews items, you need to be keen on training it to learn quickly about the indestructible chains t prevent damaging its teeth.

Multiple dog leashes

The multiple dog leashes are used to walk more than the dog at the same time. Only one handle and several leashes come off from the coupler, allowing the handler to attach more than one dog. A leash is a good option for trained dogs that won’t jump on each other or pull constantly. People with multiple dogs can opt for multiple dog leashes when they want to walk the dogs.


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