Undermount sinks are sinks that are installed directly below your countertop. An under-mount sink does its intended function well compared to other sinks because of how seamless everything flows into the sink. It also has an aesthetically pleasing design due to how simple it looks. Most, if not, all under-mount sinks have no lip so it blends seamlessly to your countertop.

However, before you commit to purchasing an undermount kitchen sink, here are 5 important things that you need to know.

5 Undermount Kitchen Sink Facts

Brand Matters

Just as with any other item, brand, and quality matters. When you want an under-mount sink, you’d have to know where to purchase a great one. Don’t purchase under-mount sinks that you find costing below $50. You will want to purchase a brand that has many features and are well known to produce high-quality sinks.

Decide on what features you want such as single bowl, ideal depth, easy to maintain, etc. before going ahead to make your purchase.

Countertop Compatibility

Undermount sinks are best installed on countertops that are made from sturdy materials such as granite, soapstone, concrete, marble, and more. Undermount sinks are not recommended for tile and laminated counters because of it having too many weak points along the seams, and not enough to support the weight. Therefore, when purchasing an under-mount sink; it is important to read more on the countertop compatibility.

Advantages of Undermount Sinks

Food debris, scraps, and water flow directly into the sink to avoid any clogs from happening. No rim lips make it easier to clean because debris and food particles have nowhere to get stuck in. It has a seamless and cool design and doesn’t take too much space on the countertop.

Disadvantages of Undermount Sinks

Compared to the more famous drop-in sinks, under-mount sinks are generally expensive. It only is suitable for countertops that can support your sink easily even with all the weight of dishes and water combined. Installation can be complicated, especially when it comes to mounting your sink to the countertop. If you have no prior experience in dealing with under-mount sinks, it’s best to contact a professional to help you with the installation – which adds to the overall costs.

Different Variations of an Undermount Sink

There are four key variations to an under-mount sink, providing you more options in terms of style and aesthetics. Undermount sinks are available in square, round, rectangle, and oval shapes. It offers more versatility in terms of design and aesthetics, as well as help you save more space, depending on the layout of your kitchen.

Commonly used under-mount sinks in households are square and rectangular-shaped because of how it easily fits well with most countertops. A round under-mount sink provides you with more sink space making washing easier as it can also act as a basin.


The type of under-mount sink to choose is entirely up to you and the set-up of your kitchen. We advise that you hire a professional to help you determine what is best fit for your kitchen countertop, as well as the installation.


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