The kitchen is an essential part of the house. The reason is that man cannot live without food and food is made in the kitchen. Whether you know how to cook or not, you cannot wholly forgo having a kitchen in your house. Several elements make a functional kitchen. Some of these elements include a  countertop where all the chopping and food preparation happens. The cooker and gas like are also mandatory. Another essential component of a kitchen is the kitchen sink. The kitchen sink is where all the cleaning happens. There are several types of kitchen sinks, including Undermount kitchen sinks.

Types of kitchen sinks

Below are some popular types of kitchen sinks:

  • Undermount kitchen sinks

An Undermount kitchen sink is one that is attached beneath the countertop of the sink. This type of kitchen sink utilizes the base structure of the kitchen cabinets for support. This fact means that Undermount sinks provide for consistency in the look of the countertop. Undermount kitchen sinks usually comprise of a solid surface on which they are installed. Some of the common surface materials suitable for this type of sink include marble or composite surfaces.

kitchen sink
  • Flush Mount kitchen sinks

A flush mount kitchen sink is made of surfaces that combine well with the available countertop. There are two designs of flush mount sinks. Ther first design is made with the exact color tones like that of the countertops. On the other hand, the second design may consist of a completely different colored body compared to the rest of the countertop.

In case you opt for the other style, it is always wise to consider a color that blends well with that of the countertop. When installing a flush mount sink, grout lines are applied between the countertop and the sink. The grout line aims to provide smooth design and a strong bond between the two components. The line is also subject to coloring.

kitchen sink
  • Prep kitchen sinks

Prep kitchen sinks are the smallest type of kitchen sinks in the market. This element means that they cannot be used in enormous kitchens. However, this type of kitchen sink can be installed in small apartments or alongside more significant kinds of sinks. When the sink is installed alongside another more massive sink, it is mainly used for preparing foods. Prep sinks are also used to clean off produce or drain pasta. Prep sinks are also commonly used as bar sinks for cleaning glasses and making sophisticated drinks.

  • Island kitchen sinks

Island kitchen sinks are built in combination with kitchen islands. Usually, kitchen islands are made at the center of the kitchen with a pillar or two in which the plumbing fixtures are located. Kitchen islands aim at increasing the aesthetic value of the kitchen.

Take Away

There are several other types of kitchen sinks. These types of sinks include self-rimming sinks, farmhouse sink, and quartz, among others. These sinks are used for different purposes and made of different materials. The different types of sinks also feature different costs.


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