If you like traveling, then you probably enjoy taking pictures. Sometimes it becomes difficult to take quality pictures of yourself if you travel solo. This does not have to happen in this era of selfies. However, taking selfies can become boring as you need to stretch your arms every time. It is a good idea to check some tips to take amazing travel selfies.

There are many reasons you need to travel solo more. For instance, you do not have to be concerned about others. You can wake up at any given time and do whatever you like. Although solo traveling may be quite exciting, you will face some challenges that can limit your potential. You need to be aware of pickpockets and know how to take great selfies at various tourist spots.

Get Selfie Tripods

As a traveler, you understand the need to carry the right camera accessories. Thus, you need to get the best selfie stick tripod. The good thing about the tripod is that it is cheaper and compact. Thus, you can comfortably carry it in a handbag or pocket. If budget is not a problem, you can find premium tripods.

Use Available Resources

When traveling, there is a need to plan for it properly. That means you need to gather everything you need to make your trip a success. However, if you forgot to carry your selfie tripod, what should you do? In this case, you need to be creative and find things in the surroundings that can substitute your tripod.

Try Out Different Lenses

A great way of creating great travel selfies is carrying different lenses that easily fit onto your phone or camera. Wide-angle or fisheye lenses are the best as they capture your pictures as you see different destinations.

Selfie Sticks

As a solo traveler, the selfie stick should be your companion. That is because it is foldable, easy-to-use, and lightweight. Therefore, you should have a selfie stick as you slip into the wildness. The truth is that with a selfie stick tripod, you cannot miss creating amazing memories.

Utilize Your Networks

It does not matter whether you are a travel buff or an engineer; networking can help you. In fact, you will find it to be useful as you come back from the holiday with stunning photos. Therefore, you should make friends whenever you travel.

Ask Strangers

If you do not have a network to rely on in helping you find the right spot, you can ask strangers to help you. You may be surprised to get the best angle or framing you could not imagine. Nevertheless, it is worthier than not getting a picture at all.

Utilize Burst Mode

Although this might be a bit technical, it is helpful if you are looking for perfect travel selfies. In this case, you should set the camera or phone in burst mode. This will help you enjoy great shots at a go. You can also get a few photos and choose only those that look amazing. You can even delete those you do not want.


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