If you cannot find your keys or are traveling but cannot gain access to your essentials in the new environment, then we have a solution for you:

You can attach an Innway wallet tracker to any item you need to locate if it gets lost. These could be your suitcase, wallet, or child. You will be in a position to know precisely where they are at any time via your smartphone app. Meaning, this is more like a travel companion. In this case, you should be careful not to lose your cell phone. The Bluetooth tracker is a wireless app that connects to an app on your mobile phone. It placed within the right range, which is up to 200 feet, then you can quickly push up a button on the application to make the ringing noise.

In case you lose your cell phone, our rechargeable Bluetooth tracker can locate that too. You have to press the button located at the fob for your phone to ring. This should occur even if it is silent. Our Bluetooth tracker can also track possessions that are outside your range. Anyone with the app opens instantly picks up the physical location of the nearby trackers while updating the homegrown network with their recent site. For most mechanics, this Bluetooth device can be your lifesaver, mainly if you are hotel hopping across the world.

Securing Your Items When On the Road

Wallet Tracker

Our Innway Bluetooth tracker can easily assist you in securing your items when traveling to a new location. The alarm has a reusable sensor that directly attaches itself to a window in just a few seconds. This adds a protective layer to the hotel room when you step out or are asleep.

When it comes to setting the device up, all you need to do is slide the motion sensor blades into the door frame and then loop the cord into the doorknob. This should help in setting the alarm. In case it is triggered, the signal will produce a particular sound while flashing the LED light to alert you-this should deter intruders.

Additionally, your alarm is powered by lithium battery cells. Therefore, the pocket-size machine is just a few ounces which should fit perfectly into the suitcase. It has a backup chip to assist in resetting the main chip if there is a need it. Regardless of the tasks that the disk is responsible for handling, it is still set up to make good utilize little power-this makes it last longer on one battery charge.

Why Should You Purchase Our Innway Bluetooth Tracker?

If you want to track your vehicle, then our Innway Bluetooth tracker is your best bet. While it is slightly pricier, it is also definitely what you are after. In case you aspire to have the tracker to assist you in finding your keys and wallet, then this is still your best choice.

Innway Wallet Tracker


You should note that that there is a difference between a Bluetooth tracker and a GPS tracker. All too often, the GPS tracking technology offers location updates in actual time. It does through via third-party connections. On the other hand, a Bluetooth tracking device relies on the mobile device to update the physical location of the item you attached it to.  


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