Looking for a small bag to carry your essentials while you go along your daily activities? Not to worry. Waist packs are here to the rescue. Waist packs are highly underrated fashion accessories that are very comfortable, functional, and most importantly, versatile.

They can be used for all sorts of events and activities, especially informal and casual activities. For instance, a clear waist pack can be used for all sorts of hiking and adventurous activities. Are you a hiker? Do you love experiencing the natural environment and taking risks? Then a waist pack should be your best friend.

Now, for hikers hearing about waist packs for the first time, not to worry! Here are basic details every hiker needs to know about waist packs.


Let’s delve in.

Hiker’s Guide to Waist Packs

1. What are Waist Packs?

Waist packs are known by various names, like waist packs, belt bags, etc. They are small bags or packs that fit along the waist and have limited cargo capacity.

In the past decade, waist packs weren’t used for hiking. Just a handful of people used waist packs to hike. Nowadays, the packs are used for short, medium, and long-distance trips.

The pack can be placed either at the front or behind, depending on the preference of the user.

2. Pros of Waist Packs for Hiking

a. It is very lightweight

It is lightweight, making it easy for hikers to do what they want to do. No strain on your arms whatsoever

b. Keeps the shoulders free

This is one of the greatest benefits of waist packs. This is because it fits perfectly on the waist (provided that the strap is adjusted well), your shoulders and hands are free to do whatever. You don’t have to deal with sore shoulders after a long day or try to keep the straps properly placed.

c. Say Goodbye to Sweaty and Stinky Backs

Day packs were so popular among hikers in the last decade, but the sweaty backs after a long day of heavy perspiration were nothing to be proud of.

With waist packs, say goodbye to sweaty and stinky backs for as long as possible.

d. Encourages minimalism

Waist packs reduce the burdens hikers have to bear. It allows them to carry essentials while doing what they love to do best.

3. Kinds of Waist Packs

There are different kinds of waist packs that hikers love:

a. Small Waist Packs:

This waist pack is meant for very essential items like phones, wallet, credit cards, etc. It doesn’t have a slot for water bottles or hydration belts. They also lack elastic straps at the side to carry water bottles.

If hikers use this waist pack and want to carry water bottles, they have to place the bottles inside the main compartment, although it may not cover completely.

b. Medium waist packs (water bottles)

This kind of waist pack comes with one or two dedicated water bottle compartments. Most of these type of waist packs come with special water bottles that fit perfectly into these compartments.

c. Medium waist pack (without water bottles)

This is similar to the type above, but they don’t come with compartments. Instead, they come with straps.

d. Large waist packs

They are large enough to cover essentials and anything else that can fit in.


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