If there’s one thing about a photo necklace is its reflective, appealing and more personalized appearance. A photo necklace is a custom-made necklace that comes with an engraved photo of your choice. As majestic as it may look, this piece of jewelry requires attention to detail when you set out to purchase it. If you’re looking for a unique sentimental piece, then a photo necklace will be a great addition to your jewelry collection. Here are a few tips that will guide you while shopping for it.

Know what you want

Knowing what you want will save you the trouble of going from shop to shop and not finding what you want. You can go online and figure out the kind of photo necklace you like to buy and have it customized. It will also help you figure out if you intend on having it personalized with filigree materials and gems. If you want to get around the challenges, try shopping online, you’ll get a variety of other options and excellent reviews.

Research and Seek for Referrals

There are many unconscionable individuals out there who will prey on unsuspecting buyers to get quick money. To evade such, read reviews, consult other buyers or ask for referrals from those who are conversant with buying such necklaces. Don’t let jewellery prices blind you when choosing a jeweller, after all, genuine service is better than nothing at all. Foremost, do a background check of the jeweller, and ascertain whether they are certified to avoid unwarranted inconveniences. Uncertified jewellers will sell you substandard photo necklaces that will not last for long.  

Determine Your Budget

It’s crucial to set a budget, especially when shopping for a photo necklace. They normally don’t come cheap and you ought to consider the costly effort it takes to size, encrypt and engrave them with words and quality gemstones like a diamond. Expensive photo necklaces are those that are made of gold and have gemstones embedded in them. For the less costly ones, they come with simple designs but still, they are elegant. But with a variety of them being sold, you will not miss anything that fits your budget.

Choose Customized Jewellery

Just like building a house, photo necklaces are no different. This piece of jewellery is eccentric that if you want it customized, your jeweller must come up with the design you want first. The best part about it is that you won’t have to move from store to store looking for what you want. More so, you won’t have to buy any necklace then have it personalized later. That way, you’ll get the satisfaction of finding that piece of photo necklace that suits your sense of style.

Check Out for Jewellery Certification

Whether you are shopping for a photo necklace at a local store or online, jewelry certification is of great importance. The last thing you want to do is buy a photo necklace that chips off into pieces after a few days of wearing it. Proper jewelry stores and sellers will own legal certifications such as the NAJA National Association of Jewellery, and IGI International Gemmological Institute to affirm that they are selling authentic necklaces among other jewelry. Authentic dealers will have the certifications placed on the walls where clients can see them.


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