Tips in Choosing a Dress For Flat-Chested Women


Mmmm… I want to share with you a little secret. My one insecurity. I’m flat-chested.

I’ve been teased all my life because of this. And I know I’m not alone! Most women lose confidence in wearing their dresses because they are flat-chested. Lucky me, at least for 9 months, I could enjoy some pregnancy hormones that boosts my flat-chest. But then again, after giving birth, I know I’ll be back to having my normal size. So….. what to do now? Here are some things I do on how I could look my best even without a bigger bra size! =D

1. Don’t use tube dresses. Opt for one shoulder dress instead. You don’t want to be pulling your tube dress every 5 minutes. *awkward*


2. Wear a curvy dress. It will emphasize your dress instead of your flat chest.


3. Accentuate your wardrobe by wearing a backless gown. This will put your friend’s attention to how nice you carry your evening dress than your small bust.


4. Use the help of silicon! Don’t be embarrassed to use one. No one will ever know, right? In fact, they may just compliment you for a nice dress. =)

5. Smile and be confident! Try not to mind your flat chest because the more you show your insecurity, the more people will notice it. So just chill and enjoy the party!


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