One Day at a Time


When we learned I was carrying a baby, I felt so blessed because I didn’t experience what most pregnant women do. No tiredness, sleepiness, irritability, nausea. There was just no pregnancy symptoms. I was just feeling very normal.

And then all of a sudden…

Morning sickness kicked in. Well, whoever coined that term morning sickness is deluded. It should have been called ALL-DAY SICKNESS! Entering week 8, nausea started getting intense.. vomiting was uncontrollable. I almost couldn’t get anything down. It all comes out an hour or even a few minutes after I eat. Horrible.

I don’t know how I would have survived last Friday without Hubby beside me. It was by far the worst day in my pregnancy. I was just so glad he was there to support me, cook for me, be with me, talk to me and just pray for me. All I could do was cry.

I’m so blessed to have this man.

And then I remembered my mom. Wow, how could she possibly survive 4 pregnancies and still come out strong. I think I was her worst pregnancy. She just vomited like crazy. She’d be in and out of the hospital. I’ve read that this morning sickness (or all day sickness!) would usually end on the 1st trimester. Not with my youngest sister. My mom was still vomiting even before she gave birth!

I have the best (and strongest) mom in the world. (taken on my birthday last year)

Makes me think, how in the world do working moms survive their first trimester at work?!?!?!

Only by God’s grace.

Most days, I am not fine. Some days, just fine. Now, I learned to just live one day at a time. I couldn’t plan for next week because I wouldn’t know how I would be then. Last week, I had to cancel a check up with my doctor because I just couldn’t get out of bed. Let alone out of the house!

I don’t know if I’ll be fine tomorrow. I’ll find out then. But I know that tomorrow, God will give me enough grace to sustain the day. I just have to fully depend on Him. So right now, I’m enjoying the comfort only God could give.

Are any of you pregnant now or had been pregnant before? How did you cope with it?


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