Ankara styles are here to stay, whether we like it or not.

Ankara materials have taken the fashion industry in Africa and other parts of the world by storm, and it doesn’t seem like it will fade out anytime soon. The beautiful thing about Ankara styles, especially Ankara gowns, is that they are very versatile and can last long.

Neither does it go out of fashion, nor out of season.

It is one of the best fashion investments you can make, one that will give you returns in terms of beauty and elegance.

So, if you’re new on this train and you don’t know how to get active on the Ankara team, not to worry! Here are places you can rock your Ankara styles to, and how to rock these Ankara styles:

  • Weddings: This is one of the best places to rock Ankara styles too, especially long Ankara gowns. They are often made with complicated and elegant styles to give weddings this taste of class and beauty. They can be worn to both traditional and white weddings with the right set of accessories.
  • Social events: Social events include all forms of social activities ranging from birthdays, wedding anniversaries, child dedications, music concerts, beach parties, convocation ceremonies, clubs, etc. You need to rock an Ankara style that is both beautiful and functional.

The best to rock to these occasions are Ankara gowns, preferably short or medium ones. That way, you are free to move the way you want.

  • Hangout with friends: It should have been grouped as a social event but it’s more casual and intimate. You’re free to be creative with your dressing. You can either choose a fitted or free-cut short gown with the right accessories, a peplum Ankara blouse with skirt or trousers, or a black/white top with Ankara palazzos or shorts.

Matching bags and shoes are very handy on occasions like this. You should have at least one complete Ankara set- blouse/trouser, bag and shoes.

  • Work: It’s a very professional setting, so you have to look the part! You can also be creative with work clothes, but not too creative for people to sense you as unserious. One of the best things to rock to work is an Ankara suit. Nothing beats it. Nothing ever will.

They add a sense of both elegance, style, and professionalism. Get ready for compliments when you step out in those. Remember, bags and shoes to match.

  • Meetings/conferences: The same thing applies to this. Ankara suits are the best, especially if the conference is work or business-related. Another option is fitted Ankara gowns. They give a sense of professionalism as well.

However, the length must be medium. Anything too long makes you look shabby. Anything too short makes you look unserious. A little bit below the knee is somewhat appropriate.

Still in doubt?

Rock your Ankara styles (yeebia) today, and you’d be glad you did.


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