Lingerie is a sexy garment that women wear to feel confident about themselves and for romantic purposes. There are several types of lingerie in the market that women use for various purposes. There is so much from which you can choose, from lightweight sleep lingerie to full coverage comfy lingerie. From wholesale plus size lingerie to retail, there are so many options. Below is a guide to buying the best lingerie for your body type and size.

1. Choosing the right bra

The bra is the main component of lingerie. Choosing the right bra size is mandatory because the wrong size could cause you to have a horrible experience. It could also cause your body to feel uncomfortable. However, finding the right bra with the perfect fit can be challenging. The following tips could make it easier;

a. Know your size

The first thing you need to do is determine which size is the right one. To determine this, you have to take some measurements. Start with the cup size. The cup is the part of the bra that covers your breasts. To decide the right cup size, you can ask for assistance from an attendant at the lingerie store.

You can also measure the fullest part of your chest at your nipple level. You also need to determine your band size. You can determine the right band size by simply using a measuring tape to measure the area from the bottom of your chest around your back.

b. Decide on the bra style

There are about seven bra style type in the market. When choosing the right bra, you need to analyze the different bras types and which suits your body best. To determine the best bra style for you, you also need to consider your breast shape. For instance, for an East-West and Bell breast shape, the T-shirt bra style is the ideal choice, and for round breasts, any size would do.

2. Choosing the right bottom

The other part of the lingerie is the underpants or bottom. When choosing the right panties, you need to determine which type would be best for you. To do this, you need to research the various types of underwear for women.

For instance, there is the thing, boy shorts, granny panties, and others. Most lingerie features the thong. Even though you still have to determine the type of thong that you would be comfortable with. There isn’t a limit when it comes to the kind of lingerie panties you can wear. This means that the choice you make is entirely dependent on your comfort and style of choice.

Evolution of the Lingerie industry

For a long time, the lingerie industry only catered to younger women. However, following an outcry from society about inclusivity in the fashion industry, the market currently caters to all women. More designers now include plus-size designs in their lingerie lines.


Since more designers are creating products for plus-size women, the market is currently packed with a wide range of products from which you can choose. However, you still have to consider the tips mentioned above if you are looking to make the best choice.


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