Social media is the new marketing frontier. Increasing your fan base on social media platforms gets your brand noticed and increases brand credibility. A large Twitter following also increases organic marketing. As much as critiques would like to discredit the number of followers as pure hogwash, it is a valuable metric to gauge brand performance and how much you are likely to get paid to advertise on your platform. If you want to get more popular on Twitter, here are a few tips on how to go about it.

1.Tweet frequently

Twitter is different from other social media platforms in that it needs a more aggressive approach to content strategy. It will help if you aim for anywhere between four to eight tweets a day. Consistency is crucial to keeping your Twitter followers engaged. To determine how many times you should tweet, take inventory of your competition, and aim to outperform them. Keep in mind that your tweets should be wholesome; include tweets from relevant industry personalities, breaking news, and buzz-worthy news.

2.Optimize your posting time

Tweeting while your target audience is asleep or focused on something else is a perfect set up for low engagement. Timing is everything. It would be best if you tweeted on weekdays in the early morning hours or late evening hours. If you have a global Twitter audience, it might be hard to pick a time to tweet, and you can’t sit in front of a screen 24/7. Some platforms can post your tweets at a preset time so you can get time to rest and think of new content.

3.Perfect your bio

Your Twitter Bio is the face of your social media. It describes who you are as a brand. If you feel your bio is not up to your competitors’ standards, you should work on it. You should also know that Google indexes Twitter bios. There is no one size fits all; try and make sure that your bio reflects your values and authentic self in a fun, creative way.

4.Maintain relevance

Twitter content has to get the attention of your audience. No one will consume or re-tweet your content if it does not catch their attention. Consider making use of hashtags. Hashtags are a kind of SEO(search engine optimization) tool for your tweeter posts. Research shows that tweets with hashtags receive over 13% more engagement from followers.

5.Get more Twitter likes

Yes, you can get Twitter likes organically or buy them; the end justifies the means. Buying Twitter likes helps your tweet get recognition and attracts more traffic to your post and account. The organic way works just fine if you have the time and resources to wait it out.

6.Interconnect your social media platforms

Social media platforms are interconnected. Creative ways to do this include inserting your Twitter handle in your email, including a Twitter feed on your website, and adding Twitter buttons on your websites.

In Conclusion

Your Twitter following is the lifeline of your brand. There are few to no shortcuts when it comes to building your online empire. The secret is to make content consistently, be authentic, and keep your audience engaged. Also, be patient and keep up to date with current trends.


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