In the past, projectors were used in homes and offices. Currently, these devices are used in the commercial sector. They have a significant way of producing different yet realistic images that will allow you as the user to immerse yourself in a unique world of a favorite movie.

At the same time, the technological bit of a projector has evolved over the years. The progress is a combination of different continuous results coupled with innovation. So what are the top uses of portable projectors? We shall discuss them in this blog post.

  • Gaming

A projector is a reliable device that can be used when it comes to gaming. With several video game graphics introduced into the market, the actual singularities of people’s lives are depicted in movies.

Pico portable projectors can be used in enhancing the gaming quality. These devices have a way of hooking you up to the gaming system while allowing you to entertain larger audiences that can watch and play the games as well. Additionally, the possibilities of using these devices on the consumer market are also limitless.

  • Skype

The portable pico projector can always be carried into the pocket. Having the mirror functioning appropriately is one of the best strategies you can consider incorporating therein. With a portable projector, it is possible to host a full family dinner. You can also enjoy playing charades with a large group of people.

Perhaps the only single issue you need to worry about is when the screen goes off. Some of the pros of owning such a projector include the fact that it can easily be carried around since it is light in weight.

  • Painting A Mural

Painting a mural is obviously an interesting activity. But that would not be possible without the applications of a great device such as a projector. Perhaps you have seen several talented painters showcasing their prowess across the world.

What you need is a high-quality machine that can support your cause.

In order to surprise your loved ones with painting, consider projecting a black as well as the white version of the image you have in mind on a wall.

This should be where you would like to paint the mural. And after projecting the image on the screen, you can go ahead and trace it using a pencil. Thereafter, you can fill in that mural using paint. You shall have acquired an impeccable mural in the end.

  • Supporting The Shadow Puppet Show

If you enjoy watching puppet shows, then a projector could come in handy to aid the process. The conventional way of applying light in order to play with the puppets is not currently viable. You can use a mini projector to light the entire screen with a white background. This is highly preferable.


In this article, we have successfully presented you with the viable uses of a portable projector. But as usual, there is the question of whether that is all you can do with the device. Is that the limit? Of course not- there are additional uses of a portable projector that you need to be familiar with.


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