Due to the current pandemic, 2020 has been a bad year for tourism worldwide. But as we fight the coronavirus, more and more people return to the things love doing. At this time of the year, usually, that’s traveling. People might not be traveling at the moment as they did last year or the year before, but the number of tourist travelers is slowly but surely increasing.  

Building an app that serves the needs of tourist travelers is never easy; at least it wasn’t in the past. Nowadays, the process is pretty much accelerated and simplified by tools and ecosystems such as the HUAWEI site kit. 

Why build with the Huawei Site Kit?

Even though most developers keep up with what’s going in their industry, many are not aware of what they can gain by using the Huawei site kit. Here is a list of all the great things you get if you develop your tourism travel app using the Huawei Site Kit.

· Access to mass amounts of data. There are over 130 million places listed in their directory, and their number keeps on growing daily.

· They cover over 200 countries and regions spread across the world.

· Support for 13 popular languages

Then there is a set of great functions that can make your tourist travel app even more appealing to its users:

· Excellent autocomplete that intelligently suggests addresses, names, and places. Think of it as your partner that knows you so well that he or she often finishes your sentences. 

· Geocoding helps the user easily turn coordinates into a street address. It also works the other way around, street address into coordinates. It is a nice feature that will always help the user figure out their location and, if needed, share it with other people.

· Discover any type of place near you. It will use your location to find the closest ones near you, whether it is a restaurant, some landmark, or some other facility. Type what you are looking for, and a list of the closest places will pop-out. This is fast, easy, and very user convenient.

· It doesn’t only help users find any establishment, tourist site, facility, or address, but it also gives details about it. For example, you found a museum that you like to visit. It will provide you with all the available data, like working hours, ticket prices, current exhibitions, and so on.

· The time zone is easily calculated based on the user’s location. 

Why list it on Huawei’s AppGallery?

So, why bother adding it to Huawei’s AppGallery? Well, there are over 650 million reasons to do so. 650 million is the number of users using Huawei’s AppGallery. That’s a massive exposure to a huge audience. Not to mention the fact that it is entirely free. There are only things to be gained, not lost, by listening to your app on Huawei’s AppGallery. They offer around the clock support for their developers through their ticket system on their website.


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