Most sushi lovers know that this divine meal requires the use of unique cutlery called the sushi knife. The sushi knife is an extremely sharp knife made from carbonated-based steel. It is made from this type of steel because this material can attain sharper edges although it easily rusts if not properly cared for.

This knife originates from Japan and is characterized by a single bevel with a long narrow blade, and is mostly handcrafted. The presence of the single-bevel blade allows this knife to maintain a clean and precise cut when used.

This article contains essential tips for using a sushi knife and can also guide you on how to shop now for the best and affordable sushi knives.

Types of Sushi Knives

If you are a sushi lover, there is a wide variety of sushi knives you can pick from. And this article highlights sushi knives based on the standard designs readily available in any store. They are:

  1. Yanagi-Ba: This translates to the willow-blade, and it is characterized by a long slender blade with a single bevel. It is designed to comfortably carry out pull-cutting and is used for slicing soft fish into small fillets for both sashimi and sushi dishes. These knives come in different features each representing different regions in Japan where they are made.
  2. The Usuba: This is a popular vegetable knife, and the name translates as a thin blade, it guarantees clean cuts when cutting vegetables, and can also be used to peel vegetables. In contrast to the Yanagi- Ba, both edges of the Usuba are sharpened, and they possess a unique straight-edged end. It is longer compared to other knives, and it the chef extra space along their knuckles and a broader blade for comfortable use.
  3. The Deba: This translates to a pointed carving knife and it is similar to the meat cleaver. It possesses a thick, durable, single-bevel edge, which makes it suitable for cutting through thin bones. It is used for cutting chicken fileting of fish.

Tips For Using Sushi Knives.

Before going into the tips for using a sushi knife, it is important to note that most sushi knives are designed for right-hand use and sushi knives for left-hand use are more expensive and specially designed. Also, sushi knives require special skills when using to avoid self-harm. The tips are as follows:

  1. Holding the knife: To become a professional at cutting sushi, you must learn to make clean and accurate sushi slices. The first step is to figure out how to correctly hold a sushi knife. When holding the knife place the index finger on top of the blade to gain more control when cutting and for more precise and clean cuts. Use your other fingers to get a firm grip on the handle.
  2. Positioning your hand for cutting: The cutting hand is used to keep the food steady when cutting, to avoid inflicting injury on yourself, position the cutting hand to form a paw that holds the foot in place. Be very cautious of your thumb when cutting.
  3. How to place the knife when not in use: After cutting, place the knife on the board with its edge facing away from the board.


The tips highlighted in this article are the easiest and most effective way to use a sushi knife while ensuring your safety and avoiding the risks of an injury.


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