Skateboards were invented to mimic the feeling of surfing in the ocean but on land. They have developed over the years from the regular, non-motorized type, that was pushed into motion by the foot, to the electric skateboards that are quickly gaining popularity. There are many models in the market, some of which are good and worth every coin, while others perform poorly. To get the best electric skateboard, always do your research, since the various designs can be very confusing. We look at the different types of electric skateboards down below.

Types of Electric Skateboards

1. Longboards
Most electric skateboards found in the market are longboards. They are easy to use, especially for beginners, because they have a bigger deck to balance. They are the safest for them to use. They come with softer wheels, unlike other e-boards, which makes them more stable, and one can ride on smoothly. If you live in a bumpy area or plan to ride through has cracks, this board is ideal for you.

2. Shortboards
The boards are shorter, and both ends are rounded or curved upwards. They are rigid, making it difficult to use if you haven’t done skateboarding before. They have hard wheels and are usually lightweight. It makes them easily portable and is suitable if you’re not planning to ride throughout. You can fit in a bag and walk around with it without being weighed down or getting tired. Shortboard prices are lower than those of longboards due to their size. For experienced skaters, they can choose them and still enjoy the speed and range without spending a lot of money.

3. Penny Boards
They are also known as short cruisers. They are small and made from plastic but are sturdy and durable equipment. They are a combination of a plastic deck, soft large cruiser wheels, and trucks. The wheels are suitable for rough terrains and those filled with pebbles. The components can be bought separately and assemble them into your ideal e-board. You can carry the board easily due to its light nature, and they are available in any color you wish. Penny board is not that stable because it has a small area to step on and is quite fast.

4. Off-Road Skateboards
Unlike other electric boards, these have no particular purpose like riding to work and are mainly used for fun. They are very powerful, with most having two motors and are durable. They have bigger wheels to maneuver through beaches, sand, gravel, etc. They have straps to ensure your feet are firmly attached to it while on rough grounds. They weigh more due to the large motors, battery, and giant wheels. If you want a skateboard that can be functional both on uneven terrain and the regular roads, go for the hybrid. The huge wheels can be switched for standard wheels, and you can run your daily errands comfortably.


Selecting the right type of skateboard is essential, depending on your needs. Each kind has its good and bad side, so weigh all the available options and pick the best.


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