A necklace is an essential piece of jewelry in any woman’s collection. It is a great way to accessorize and make your outfit look stunning. A good necklace can transform your entire look and your confidence. Personalized necklaces (halskette personalisierte) are currently trendy. You can make a personalized necklace from any type of necklace design.

Types of necklaces

The following are some of the most popular types of necklaces in the jewelry industry:

1. Bib necklaces

As the name suggests, a bib necklace is a piece of jewelry that covers your neck like a bib. It usually features a variety of layered chains on one large element designed to cover up your breastbone. Bib necklaces also come in a wide range. Some may be more dainty than others.

However, as long as the chain is made up of multiple layers, it lands in this category. The one downside of bib necklaces is that they are often quite expensive.

2. Chains

These necklaces only contain the chain part. They do not have any other decorations or elements, like pendants. They are often made of materials like gold, silver, titanium, and copper, to name a few. Chains are primarily utilized decoratively. For this reason, most people do not care much for them.

3. Chockers

In recent years, chockers have become quite popular. A chocker is a necklace featuring a length of between fourteen to sixteen inches. Also, it is usually worn close to the neck. Chockers are often made from a wide range of materials. The most common chockers are gold, ribbon, leather, and velvet. One of the benefits of wearing or owning a chocker is that you can wear it with almost anything. The fact that it is worn close to the neckline also makes it more flattering.

4. Collar necklaces

These necklaces are often also referred to as crew necklaces. This is because they are designed to fit around your neck the same way a crew neck t-shirt does. They also closely resemble chockers. The main difference between collar necklaces and chockers is that they are usually shorter (between twelve to thirteen inches). Also, collar necklaces are constructed to sit flat on the skin above your collarbone. It is also worth noting that these necklaces usually comprise multiple layers of strands and other materials.

5. Lariat necklaces

They are long necklaces featuring a variety of roles. They are unique because they do not come with a clasp. However, their length makes them easy to wear and take off without creating an opening with the clasp. These necklaces are usually long enough to sit just below your belly button. Some people like to wrap them around a few times to form a chocker.

6. Locket

This is a type of necklace with a locket hanging from it. A locket is a conventional type of pendant that has existed for many generations. It is usually a tiny compartment that can be used to house a small picture or memento. Therefore, locket necklaces are often very sentimental and personal.


Other than the types of necklaces listed above, a few others haven’t been mentioned. They are; matinee, name chain(namenskette) pendant necklaces, string, opera, and plastron necklaces, to name a few. A lot of women own more than one type of necklace in their jewelry collection.


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