In this century technology is moving very fast. Many types of equipment are getting obsolete very fast due to the tremendous improvements being made every day. Today you have the latest Android TV box in the market, You will be surprised the next time you get to the market you find another one which is an improvement of what you purchased last week. This is the order of the day in the technology industry. Evpad has been in pursuit of getting the most up to date features of every product they have. Their sole motivation is to ensure your entertainment and relaxing moments are the best you can ever have. This has been realised through the quality of their products.

Evpad tv box are found in the following series, Evpad 3Max, Evpad 5p, Evpad 5Max, Evpad 5s, Evpad pro among other products. There are very special features in these products which make them outstanding across the android box industry. Let us analyse some of the features in each of these products so that you can make your choice on what to take according to your needs.

3max Evpad android box

CPU cortex of A53 having 64bits and a GPU MAU-T720MPzThis a great CPU size that will enable you to operate your Android TV box without the worry of malfunctioning. It has a RAM of 3GBDDR3, 32GEMMC ROM. 4.2 Bluetooth, it has a Wi-Fi of 2.4GHZ/5.8GHZ which is very strong. It Has a 2A DC5V adapter. It has a display indicating time, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity and plug-in of USB. These are some of the features of the 3Max Evpad android box among many.

Evpad 5Max android box

It has some of the most improved features such as; 4GB RAM and 128 ROM. The most unique feature about this is that it has an artificially intelligent voice assistant. This inbuilt voice assistant will help you navigate the android box programmes. All you need to do is speak out about what you want and it will be brought to you. In terms of Wi-Fi connectivity, This version has a dual Wi-Fi band 2.5GH2/5GH2. You can transfer and download large files at ease. It has a dobby and DTS sound effects system. It can support a 4k x 2k video decoding.

Evpad 5s android box

5S version is one of the newest versions of the Evpad products. It has outstanding features such as IT has an operating system of 7.o higher version. It also has a dual Wi-Fi of 2.1 Ghz+5.8Ghz. It can cover a LAN of 100m. it is easily mobile as it has 100g or less. It is of size 96*96* 19mm.

There are other varieties of Evpad products variety those are just a few. From the above features, you can have a mechanism for selecting the exact quality or type of product that you need. The most crucial features you cannot assume are Storage, Wi-Fi connection, quality of sound and the picture. However evpad android TV boxes have always remained of the best quality and the most efficient and comfortable to work with.


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