When it comes to giving a dog a bath, sometimes it is just best to do it outside rather than inside – especially for big dogs. All you need for an outdoor dog bath is a hose and maybe even a small kiddie pool or basin. This way, you do not have to worry about the mess you and your dog can make.

Most dog owners have to mentally and physically prepare themselves when it is bath time for their dogs.

If you are a first-time dog owner or you are used to bathing your dog in the small confines of your bathroom, don’t worry. We have here a list of tips to make your first outdoor dog bath experience a success!

Outdoor dog bath tips and tricks

Do it on a warm day

If you know the water from your hose is going to be cold, it helps to wash your dog on a warm day so your dog can enjoy the bath. Instead of feeling cold, your dog will feel refreshed and would be a more willing participant. Plus, your dog will be able to dry up more quickly under the sun.

Gather everything you need first

Before you wrestle with your dog to the bathing area, make sure that you gather everything you need first. Be prepared with the towel, brush, shampoo or soap, and other supplies that you might need.

Leash your dog

You may have to leash your dog to ensure that your dog will not run away and will stay in place. Tether your dog to a stable pole or a tree. Make sure the shampoo or soap is out of reach when they are tethered.

Use a durable hose

Your dog may bite on the hose while you bathe them so make sure that your hose is a durable one. Get a hose that doesn’t kink easily – wrestling with the dog while you use the hose may cause some folds and creases.

Use gentle pressure

This is very important so that you will not hurt your dog. Never use a pressure hose on your dog for a bath. The impact can hurt them. If your dog is not comfortable with running water, try to use a small pool or a huge basin.

Prepare to get wet

Nobody survives an outdoor dog bath without getting wet. You have to prepare for that. Wear old clothes and prepare a separate towel for yourself.

Use a hairdryer

Releasing your dog right away while still dripping wet is a big mistake – your dog will get dirty again right away. Keep your dog on the leash for a little while longer and let them shake off the water then pat dry your dog with a towel. You can use a hairdryer if you are dealing with an indoor dog so that they get dry right away.

Last thoughts

As you can see, an outdoor dog bath is not so bad at all as long as you are prepared for it. You no longer have to worry that your dog will ruin your bathtub or deal with dog hair on the shower drain. Outdoor dog baths will keep your house clean on the inside and will be a fun cool-down activity for you and your dog.


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