Coffee tables serve the important function of holding your cold beer, hot coffee, remote controls, decor magazines, and even your phone. Without the coffee table, where would you put those? Nowhere, that’s right.

This is why the importance of a homcom coffee table cannot be overemphasized. This article centers on the various types of coffee tables according to shape and materials. Make sure to study each one of them properly before making a choice of which one of them to buy.

Types of Coffee Table

If you start listing the various types of coffee tables, you could go on and on because the list seems inexhaustible. However, this article is focused on the most popular types.

Types of Coffee Tables According To Shape

1. Oval coffee tables

This type of coffee table is ideal for a family with kids. It runs around smoothly without any sharp edges. They are also suitable for storing things because most of them have a large surface area.

2. Round coffee tables

Just like the oval coffee table, this type of coffee table has smooth edges. It can be used to hold drinks and snacks during hangout whit friends or family members.

3. Rectangular Coffee Tables

Rectangular coffee tables have a very large surface, something you can comfortably work on. They are quite popular and used in many homes today.

However, people still have their reservations because they have sharp edges and are therefore not suitable for a home with kids.

4. Square coffee tables

These are the most functional types. In some cases, they are designed to have additional layers beneath thus providing more space for storage. A square coffee table suggests regularity in a room.

Types of Coffee Tables According To Material

1. Marble coffee tables

Marble coffee tables are everywhere. It is almost impossible for you to through Instagram or Pinterest without beholding the beauty of this piece. It can also be found on every interior decoration magazine page.

It is heavy and durable. One of its major disadvantages is cost. It is expensive and therefore many people cannot afford it.

2. Wood coffee table

Just like the name suggests, this type of coffee table is made from wood. It gives the room a country house look and suggests serenity. Like every woodwork, it is timeless, exotic, warm, and rich.

3. Glass coffee table

With recent developments, Glass coffee tables have been modified to allow versatility and incorporation of beautiful designs. While some of them are 100% glass, others are not. The ones that are not all glass may have metal joints or features.

4. Metal coffee table

The metallic coffee tables are also very popular. Do not be surprised if you keep running into them at every furniture store. They are strong and often lighter than your conventional woodwork.

Coffee tables made with metal comes with thinner legs. Another fancy feature of this coffee table is that it can be molded into various interesting shapes.


The above-listed type of coffee tables is amongst the best in the industry. But remember that nowadays, you mustn’t stick with tradition. You can spice up your experience by choosing alternative coffee table ideas such as Ottomans, Freeform tables, and Nestle coffee tables.


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