If you recently purchased a rotating hot air brush or you are about to purchase one, you need to know the proper way to use it in order to get its maximum styling benefits. This article will help you use this versatile tool correctly to give you the best results.

Dry your hair

Wait – doesn’t the rotating hot air brush have its own dryer? It sure does but it is not as strong enough as a stand-alone dryer. The dryer on your rotating hot air brush will work best on damp hair – not wet hair. Make sure your hair is 70 to 80 percent dry first or else it will take you a long time to finish styling your hair.

Warm up

Give your rotating hot air brush time to warm up. Girls who often are in a rush in the morning start running the device as soon as it is plugged in. The result is that the device is not heated up so the hair style you want, although you can work fast, will not set. You take a longer time on your hair this way because you have to redo the setting again. Remember it takes a few seconds for any heated hair styling tool to reach the optimal level of heat to set your hair style. Wake up a few minutes earlier so you do not have to rush through your hair styling. Great hair does not happen instantly! If your time is limited, forget about pristine curls and go for messy beach waves or straight hair with volume instead.

Section off your hair

Comb through your hair to make sure that there are no tangles then part your hair into sections. Each section must not be too thin or too thick. If a section is too thin, it will be prone to heat damage, breakage, and hair fall. If the section is too thick, the rotating hot air brush may not be able to run smoothly. Part your hair from the back of your head then move towards the sides. The last parting should involve the top and front sections of your head. Make sure each section is equal so that there will be less heat damage.

Fix the settings

Depending on the hair style you are aiming for and your hair type, set the correct heat setting. Curling usually requires more heat.

Work the brush

Place the rotating hot air brush close to the roots and brush through the section by moving the brush towards the ends. When you reach the tips, rotate the brush away from your head by pressing the rotate button. As the brush rotates, resist by pulling the brush downwards. The tension will help smoothen your hair. If you want your hair to lift by the roots, hold the brush in place by the roots for a few more seconds. If you want more volume, let the hair wind round the barrel. Then, stop the rotate button and leave your hair in the barrel for a few seconds.

Setting the style

When you set the style, make sure the brush is in a cool style setting or its equivalent (depends on the brand you use). Repeat the whole process if necessary.

Proper release

You need to release your hair properly. Press and hold the opposite rotation button to unwind your hair and release it.

You are bound to love this now that you know the proper way to use your rotating hot air brush. Cheers to better hair days ahead!


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