Do you need help choosing the perfect ginger wig length? With these tips, you can figure what wig length will be ideal for you. Most people are often ecstatic about getting their first wig and do not know the wig to go. You have probably spent time researching the perfect ginger wig style, material, and color since you want everything to look good before buying the wig. However, you may have forgotten to check if the wig length is correct.

Different wig length categories

Wig length is measured from the hair roots at the top of the head to the longest hair strand’s tip. There is a myriad of wig lengths available in stores for every woman’s style. Before you read the tips for selecting the right length, it is worth noting here are three standard categories of wig length: Short, mid-length and long wigs.

Tips For Buying The Correct Wig Length

You may think that the wig’s length does not matter, but it does. The length is important since the way the wig falls will determine if it is suitable for you. However, when determining the ideal length, you should also measure your head size. Here are crucial tips to help you buy the best wig.

1. Your Height

One of the critical factors to consider when choosing wig length is your height. Your wig may either complement or work against your height. Therefore, you need to match your wig length with your height. For instance, petite women should avoid very long wigs as the wigs tend to drown them and make them seem shorter. In contrast, if they go for mid-length or short wigs, they will look taller than they are.

2. Body Structure and Build

Secondly, you need to take into account your body’s structure and build. Everyone has a unique physique, and knowing how our bodies are built will make it easier to get the right wig length. A few factors to consider are your torso and neck’s length. If taller people who lean on the longer side wear long and mid-length wigs, they will appear shorter than they actually are. On the other hand, short wigs will accentuate their long necks.

3. Hair Goals

Your hair goals also matter when choosing wig length. You should know whether you want a simple or flattering look. There are no specific rules for this as your goals depend on your preferences.

4. Personal styling option

Choosing longer wigs is always better and safer because you can cut the extra inches if it does not match your style. If you get unnatural wigs that are a bit shorter, particularly hair extensions, you will have to cut your natural hair to ensure the wig looks good. Most ladies would not want to follow this route.


To conclude, you should allow yourself to be adventurous and to try out different wig lengths. With various wig length options, you can experiment to discover the length that matches the style. You may end up uncovering a new facet upon trying various lengths. 


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