Huawei is fast making its way as one of the best smartwatch brands on the market. The company manufactures some of the best smartwatches, including the Huawei Watch 3. You can buy watch 3 by visiting the official Huawei website. Smartwatches are not the cheapest products to purchase. Therefore, it makes sense that you may want to maintain your smartwatch after acquiring it. This post provides you with a guide for how to do this.

Tips for maintaining your smartwatch

The following are some valuable tips for maintaining your smartwatch;

1. Keep your smartwatch clean

One of the essential tips, yet not commonly known for maintaining your smartwatch, is cleaning it. Smartwatches are bound to get dirty as they are worn constantly and are often exposed to germs from partaking in tedious activities or getting into contact with various surfaces. Cleaning your smartwatch helps eliminate these germs and dirt, hence keeping your watch hygienic.

In addition to eliminating germs, keeping your smartwatch clean can also help with its maintenance. What happens is that dirt may get lodged in parts of your smartwatch, like the buttons. When the dirt accumulates and is not cleaned, it may cause the parts to malfunction or stop functioning. Therefore, cleaning your smartwatch could help eliminate this issue. You can use a toothbrush with soft bristles to remove the dirt lodged in the buttons and small parts of your smartwatch.

2. Update and delete unwanted smartwatch apps frequently

Another essential tip for maintaining your smartwatch is ensuring that its apps are up to date. You can do this by manually updating the apps or presenting them to download automatically when updates are available. Updating the applications will prevent issues like freezing and slowness within your smartwatch.

Additionally, it would help to delete apps that you do not need once in a while. If your smartphone is linked to your smartwatch, you can easily unlink apps that you no longer need. This will keep your smartwatch from getting congested. Note that smartwatch congestion may cause your watch to freeze and jam easily.

3. Watch and save the battery life of your smartwatch

Another tip is to save your smartwatch’s battery life. You can do this by choosing to turn off applications that tend to drain your battery. Features like health monitors are known to drain the battery life of your smartwatch. While they are efficient and convenient, you may want to turn them off when not using them. Maintaining your smartwatch’s battery life will help keep the battery running for a long time. It will also play a significant role in the durability of your smartwatch.

4. Make repairs as soon as possible

Like smartphones, smartwatches are bound to get damages. Damages like broken display screens, jammed buttons, and broken straps can easily be repaired. The trick is to get them repaired as soon as possible to keep the damages from getting too severe.


You can also care for your smartwatch by ensuring that you use it properly. For instance, you must understand whether or not your watch is waterproof. Note that water resistance also usually counts to a certain depth. Understanding the design elements of your smartwatch will also help you know the best ways of maintaining it.