Summer is an ideal time to eat outside, go for long uninterrupted and soul-soothing walks, and taking swims. Moreover, it is imperative to obtain rest, especially for the folks who spend their working hours in offices. Home exterior spas are an incredible way to recuperate and bond with family and friends. In essence, a creatively modelled spa is still a shower or bathroom and needs to be set up in a garden where there is a great tub crafted from natural wood or stone. The best type of spas de exterior is sunken or free-standing, jacuzzi-style. An exterior spa hidden creates a relaxed atmosphere, mainly if it includes lush greenery, tall walls, or screens for that extra-private feeling. Additional luxury touches to enhance the ambiance of your exterior spa include natural (herbal) soaps, cosmetics, stone accessories, and fresh flowers. Let’s focus on ideas for exterior spas.

Outdoor spas vs hot tubs

If you plan to set up a new exterior spa or hot tub in your yard alongside your pool, you need to understand the fundamental differences between the two.

Outdoor spas are commonly attached to pools and use the same plumbing and mechanical implementations as the pools. This is why many spa lovers opt to have them installed at the same time as the pools. For the most part, the cost of the average exterior spa is roughly $10,000. It is important to note that spas connected to external pools usually cost less than similar standalone models.

On the other hand, jacuzzis (hot tubs) are generally not connected to pools or set up below ground. Most models are separate tubs that one can set up with dedicated wiring, and one has to consider the weight of the tub before installation. This is where skilled structural engineers are needed to determine if the deck can support the tub. It is advisable to set up tubs on reinforced concrete pads at least 4 inches thick.

Hot tubs are usually cheaper than exterior spas, starting at $4000 or lower. However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for in this, as in any other enterprise. Your highest priority should be setting up a hot tub built with durability and longevity in mind. Another point to note is that tubs are costlier than exterior spas to maintain. The owner also has to check the PH levels as well as water levels regularly.

The minimum price of maintenance for hot tubs is $100 in the warm seasons.

Ideas for exterior spa installations

 If a relaxing soak in an exterior spa is your preferred relaxation method, some ideas you can use include:

  1. Creating a naturescape environment

It is no secret that nature comes with enduring healing properties. Exterior spas surrounded by natural stones and incorporating greenery are highly soothing. If you wish to go all out, you can add outdoor showers designed to spray from carved rock-like jungle settings.

  1. Light usage

One should always wear sunscreen when bathing outside during a hot day. Bigger space allows more opportunities to creatively leverage lighting, whether natural or artificial. Extensive areas allow placement of bed frames in tight snoozing positions to add an element of luxury.


When setting up exterior spas, it is crucial to note the difference between hot tubs and spas. Spas feature multiple components and are set up next to pools. Hot tubs are standalone setups that are built above-ground and don’t accompany showers or pools.


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