The market features a wide array of personalized necklaces designs. The most common types are locket and name necklaces. Name necklaces (namenskette) are particularly famous for their appeal and stylishness. They can serve as statement necklaces or perfect gifts for loved ones, family, and friends. In this excerpt, we look at various types of name necklaces.

Common name necklace design

Below are some of the most famous styles of name necklaces

1. Pendant name necklaces

As their name suggests, pendant name necklaces feature a regular pendant on which the wearer’s name or the name of their loved one is indicated. Note that a pendant is any hanging piece or element on a necklace. This means that it can be a medallion or an amulet with a name on it.

2. Locket name necklaces

Locket name necklaces usually feature a locket with a name on it. The name can either be engraved behind or inside the locket. It can also be written on a piece of paper or metal then inserted inside the locket. The common denominator here is that the necklace features a locket.

3. Medallion name necklaces

These necklaces feature a name on a medallion. A medallion is a piece of round or oval medal hanging from a chain. In this case, the name is usually written inside or on the medallion through engraving.

4. Simple name necklaces

These name necklaces usually feature a simple chain and a name. The necklace does not have any other intricate design elements like pendants or lockets. Most of them typically have the name hanging on the necklace as a pendant. The name is usually carved from a piece of metal determined by the designer or wearer. Note that in this case, the name can get carved out in a wide range of designs. Some feature a heart design, diamond, pearl, medallion, and several others.

Whose name is written on a name necklace?

There isn’t a rule as to which name is written on this type of personalized necklace. Most of the time, the name of the wearer is featured. However, in other cases, the wearer can choose the name of a loved one, child, or significant other. Some people even have the names of their pets or businesses on the necklaces. Time and again, music artists have had name necklaces made with the titles of their songs or albums. Therefore, there is no limit as to which name you can have on this piece of jewelry.

Materials used to make name necklaces

Like other types of necklaces and jewelry, various materials can be applied. The most common types of materials used to make jewelry are gold, sterling silver, and stainless steel. These materials are popular because of their significant elements like durability, aesthetic appeal, and the fact that they can be curved into a wide range of designs (ductility).

Final word

Name necklaces make incredible gifts for various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and special holidays. They are usually stylish and unique. When choosing between the different types of name necklaces, it is often wise to consider the wearer’s attributes and styles.


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