Meandering your way through the night. Both allies and enemies fear to get on your bad side. An air of mystery around you and a mischievous smile on your lips. This is a typical ninja but how true is this image? Well, ninjas were cool and they are portrayed by movies to be a lot of things. Are all the stories told concerning the evil of ninjas based on facts? In case you have been wondering what caused the enmity between the ninjas and samurai, you are reading the right article. We will in time briefly look into the chosen weaponry of the typical ninja soldier. The ninja swords have always been a marvel of their own. For more information on handmade ninja swords keep reading.

Where did the Ninja Sword Stories originate from?

First of all, we might begin by mentioning that yes ninjas were real. No, evil ninjas did not eat babies and turn into demons. A ninja (also known as shinobi) could be compared to secret service and other spy organizations today.

The typical ninja was trained to maximize his home field advantage. Employ the use of wits and various environmental conditions to gain victory. Stop at nothing to complete the mission. Sun Tzu said that in love and war, all is fair. He said it, the ninjas lived it. Ninja swords were forged similar to the samurai swords. However, ninjas mainly preferred short swords. They rarely engaged in upfront confrontation.

Ninjas were not rogue warriors. On the contrary, they worked for the government as a secret arm. The ninja literature is known as the Bansenshūkai, meaning “all Rivers Merge into the Sea” is an authority in ninja history. It is a literary wonder established by pooling together, knowledge from two unique regions. Not any random knowledge. But knowledge on how the training of the ninja warriors was carried out. The regions mentioned earlier are the Kōga region and the Iga region.

Ninja Swords Vs Samurai Swords

Swords cannot fight on their own. In the subheading, the swords represent their wielders. What happened between the samurai and the ninja? The simple answer is the difference in philosophies of life. The samurai walked the path of Bushidō.

lBushidō advocated honor, bravery, and personal loyalty to death. The samurai warriors were said to value these principles more than their very lives.  The ninja, on the other hand, did not care for such trivialities. Ninjas manipulated, made use of espionage, assassinations, and various traps and surprise attacks. With the wide gap in their beliefs, the relationship between the ninjas and samurai was destined to be doomed.

The Exact Ninja Swords

The swords popularly used by ninjas were short swords such as the katana. They equally made use of hidden knives. Ninjas were feared because even sword sheaths were converted to deadly weapons in their hands.


Here is a pretty ironic fact, the ninja swords ( are believed to have the ability to hold back or suppress evil. Ninja swords are aesthetically pleasing and sufficiently sharp. Moreover, they are only a single “order” away from you.


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