All around the world, there is a huge demand for African Prints of various types. This is popularly known as Ankara and over the years it has gained a lot of demand all over the world.

Ankara is one of the common wax prints in high demand. Most African prints are made with a very colorful batik design.

In some African cultures, wax prints are good ways of communication. A lot of Africa all around the world used it to communicate their ideologies and beliefs to other parts of the world.

At Afrilace fabric, you are sure that you are getting 100% quality products when you need it. We are an online store that caters to your wax print needs.

Wax Prints are a unique type of prints that makes you stand out wherever you are. The good thing about these wax prints is that they have a very unique design. A Wax Print can be used to create beautiful designs that stand out whenever you are.

At Afrilace, we give you the best designs whenever you need them. Every day, we roll out new designs for our customers to give them the best experience.

Benefits of wearing African Wax Print from Afrilace.

  • You have a unique design.

African Wax Prints are designed every day. So, you will not be afraid of imitation. In Afrilace Fabric, you are sure that you will be getting the best designs all day long.

  • It is 100% original.

We do not involve ourselves in the sale and production of substandard materials for our customers. All the products manufactured and distributed from Afrilace and original production will long-lasting capabilities.

  • It is affordable.

Most people are always skeptical about getting wax prints because in most cases, it is not affordable. At Afrilace, all the products can be gotten at an affordable price.

  • It can be shipped to any parts of the world.

Whether you are in Africa or any part of the world, these laces from Afrilace Fabric can be shipped to any part of the world at your request. The only thing you need to do is to pay for shipping, then the clothes will get to you.

Getting good wax prints for a reliable source shouldn’t be a hassle for you. We ensure that no matter where you are, you can get good prints with ease. For Africans, we understand the importance of these Wax prints as part of the Cultural Heritage so we ensure that this heritage is maintained through our brands and our products.

We strive to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our products. All around the world, there is a better experience with a printmaker like our brand.


Are you looking for African Wax Prints? Contact us today. We give you the best designs and deals that are worth your while. Try our designs and get a good experience.


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