A tip simply refers to an end. A pool cue tip is the end of a pool cue stick, and it is made of leather. For people who don’t play pool table, it means the tip of the stick used to push balls to your desired direction. When playing pool table, one uses energy to push cue balls, and that energy is redirected to the cue stick for better results in terms of speed and target. A pool cue tip is a part that comes into contact with a cue ball when playing pool table. Go get the best pool cues for beginners in SNOOI.

What to look for in a cue tip

If you are a pool table lover or beginner and looking forward to having a cue stick of your own, then the features below will help you choose the best tip.

1. How hard is the tip?

This is the most crucial feature to look at when buying a cue tip. This does not mean that you go around randomly holding tips to know if they are hard enough.

You can measure the hardness of a tip by pressing your thumb towards the inside, and if the indentation is deep, then the tip is soft, but if the indentation disappears immediately, then the tip is hard enough.

If you are a beginner, then a soft tip is the way to go. When trying to figure out what type of tip fits you, the hardness of the tip is a choice you make on your own. Consider playing with several cue tips for you to choose the best for yourself easily.

2. Choosing the right cue tip

The truth is choosing a cue tip is hard, and it has been made harder by the introduction of different types of cue tips.

But a leather cue tip always wins, but not any leather can make a perfect cue tip. Below are the three types of leather tips you should look for when shopping for cue tips;

a. Soft leather tips

These types of tips can be shaped easily, and chalk can also stay on it because of fibers. However, a soft tip is most likely to wear off quicker than hard tips. Because of this, one will have to shape the pool cue regularly as well as replacing cue tips.

b. Hard leather tips

Compared to soft cue tips, hard tips are made of hard fibers; therefore, it’s hard to wear off. This makes hard leather tips more economical and accurate since they last longer.

c. Layered leather tips

Layered leather tips are tips that give you the impression of soft and hard leather tips. The best part is that these kinds of tips have a better grip on the ball compared to hard tips, but it doesn’t perform like soft leather tips.

Final Thoughts

Most pool table players choose tips depending on how they play. Whether a beginner or a pro player, getting a good cue tip is the best investment you could ever make. You’ll find yourself enjoying the game compared to when you use a borrowed one.


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