Over time, attention to detail goes a long way as it affects productivity in sectors of life. The same can be said of the “little” details in artistry. This attention to details that lay bare the creative ideas of artists in the various fields of art. Diamond Painting is one of such modern arm of artistry where crafting requires the right selection of tools to create fascinating mosaic paintings.

The crafting process involves the use of resin diamonds on sticky canvases. There are tools available to you in creating beauties such as diamond paintings in no time. The rest of this article intimates you on such devices that aid the creation of diamond portraits.

Applicator Pen.                                                                                    

As the chisel is an essential tool to the sculptor, so also is the applicator pen to a diamond painter. i.e., it is the most critical tool needed to carry out the task here. The applicator pen makes the crafting process of light work. Its simple design makes painting a simple task even to a ten-year-old. These pens are, however, of two differentiated through the mode of use. They are namely; drill pens and wax pens.

To use the drill pen, you’ve got to stick your applicator tool in glue or wax before picking the diamond stones. The case is different for wax pens. The mode of use ultimately saves you some time compared to the drill pens. These wax-fixed pens are useful to pick diamond stones directly.

Tweezer is also another alternative to the drill and wax pen. The design is such that you hold the gems on its sides rather than picking it up as the case is for applicator pen.

Light Pad.

With the tiny size of these gemstones, you will agree with me that choosing the exact fit for your canvas can be an arduous task. The size factor makes the light pad a necessary tool when creating your next diamond portraits.

The design of the light pad is such that it helps you save ample time and aid job precision. While creating your piece of art, choosing the perfect fit for your canvas depends on how well you know your colors. When placed underneath the canvas area, the illumination from the light pad beams more light on the grids; hence you get a clearer view and avoid squinting your eyes or the use of lenses before making the right choice of stone.

Diamond Tray.

To a large extent, the time spent depends on how well you arrange your diamonds before setting out to work. Diamond trays are spacious, grooved surfaces that enable the proper organization of your stones for an easy pick. As the painter, you can choose to section your diamonds by their shape orientation, size, or color. With this, you get to fix the right gemstones on the appropriate section of your canvas area.

Final Thought

Other notable mentions are rollers, gem organizers, storage boxes for safekeeping of your diamonds, glues, and waxes, acting as adhesives on the canvas area.

To this end, choosing the appropriate painting kit is a no brainer to create world-class paintings. Packages created by the custom diamond painting kits are such that provides you with diverse choices on each of the tools mentioned above. It also puts you in the driving seat of productivity.


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