For first time buyers and novice wig wearers, choosing the right color for a party can be a daunting task!

Be candid. With wigs, you get the chance to experiment with your hair in a consequence-free way. Wanna grow 12 inches of hair within a day? Purchase amazing wigs in trendy colors. Have an itch for that old-era retro look? Go ahead and get that curly wig.  

There are thousands of wig looks you can pull. If you like to refresh that hairdo from time to time, then you should not get bored. Regardless of the length and style you select, finding that right color wig is definitely going to be challenging in the purchasing process.

Here are great tips from the ultimate experts to help you zero in on the ideal shades.

  • Change the color of your hair

The first thing you should consider when looking for the right wig color is changing the color of your hair.  

Any cosmetologist worth a styling fee will give you insight regarding the best ways to adopt a new hair color that is either a shed or two sheds lighter than your original hair color. This is a viable rule that applies to individuals dying their hairs as well as wig wearers too.

If you go the dramatically way and invest in a different new color, there are odds that you shall be unhappy with the purchase. If you are spending hard-earned money on a quality wig, making sure that you love the hair is critical.

  • Hair color made for warm skin tone

Individuals with a warm skin tone need to pick a color that complements their skin tone. Think of cool browns and ashy blondes. If you choose a warm wig color, then you may end up looking dull.

People with pale toned skin can go for platinum hue. Blonde and silvery is also an attractive color to go with.

If you are one of those people with a dark warm skin tone, then you should go for a color that is about three sheds lighter than your hair color. Assuming your hair matches your skin tone, you shall have achieved an overall faded appearance.

  • Wig colors for cool skin tone

First-timers need to be careful with drastic color changes. It is essential to find a wig style you would rock to a party before color experimenting. If you want bold color, then you can always go for two wigs with the first one being natural and the other dramatic.

  • Aging beautifully and gracefully

You should choose a wig that goes with your phase or stage in life because, as you age, lighter hair becomes more flattering than the darker shade. Lighter and warmer shades offer a softer and natural appearance to pale skin tone.

Many people fear to adapt to gray hair color as they age. But the shades are flattering in many ways!

One more thing you should keep in mind is that if subjected to chemotherapy treatment, your skin can look pale.

You can quickly compensate for this by purchasing a wig that is three sheds lighter than the natural color. For instance, if the hair is naturally stark, then a dark shade would be an ideal supplemental color.

Final Thoughts

Still unsure which color of the wig to go for? That is okay! You are not permanently dying your hair but just purchasing a wig to use temporarily. If you need help with decision making, remember to have fun experimenting.


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