What could be better than beautiful bouncy curls on your head? Beautiful bouncy curls that lasts all day! If you are one of those girls who get disappointed to see your curls about to say “bye bye” too soon, you may be in the hunt for tips and tricks to make them last till the day is over. This article is the key! Read on to know what you can do to have longer lasting curls.

Practice non-washing

Yes it is better to have fresh, clean hair everyday but if you want longer lasting hair, you got to embrace the grease. The best hair to curl is hair that has not been washed for two to three days. The reason that curls last longer on dirtier hair is that the natural oils from your scalp will give your hair a grittier texture. You no longer need any hair holding products in this case. If you are worried about your hair looking greasy, put some dry shampoo at your roots to absorb the extra oil.

Skip the conditioner

This may seem like a brain scratcher since heat treatments damage hair. Since you are curling your hair so much shouldn’t you be binging on conditioner? Turns out this is not the case. Although it is not advisable to wash your hair before you curl, you should skip the conditioner when you do. This is because conditioners make your hair too slippery and soft making it hard for your curls to set. Your hair must have texture and grit in it to put the curl in place.

Apply hairspray correctly

When you use your hairspray, do not hold it too close to your hair. The result will make your curls heavy and crunchy. The right way to apply the hairspray is a light mist onto your hair then wait for a few moments for it to dry.

Invest in your hair tools

Sometimes the problem is not your hair – it is your hair iron! Let us admit it, cheap tools only produce less than adequate results – they can also be dangerous. When it comes to your hair tools like your hair curler wand, invest in a high-end product. High-quality products do not only give you better looking and longer lasting curls but also its materials cause less heat damage to your hair. It is a good investment since you will be using it all the time anyway.

Maybe it’s a cry for help

If you have tried everything and your hair still has trouble retaining its curls, it might be a cry for help. Damaged hair and split ends are always the hardest to style and curl. You should give your hair some loving attention by getting a treatment or trim. Trimming your split ends regularly actually makes your hair grow faster. Do hair masks to deeply condition your hair. Consult your hair salon for advice on how to fix your hair for long term solutions.

With these tips in mind, your hair will definitely be seeing better days.


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