An exceptional bathroom vanity design requires professional installation. However, there is nothing to be scared about in doing it yourself. A lot of people are learning new ways to design and install their bathroom vanity by themselves. In fact, it offers you an opportunity to bring your custom touch to the design. The truth of it all is that there are plenty of decisions to be made. You need to ensure that everything is on point, from style and layout to the type of sinks and counter-tops. Here, take a look at a few DIY tips that would give you a game plan to follow as you plan to install your bathroom vanity by yourself.

  • Settle on a Layout

First things first, you would need to decide where you want to install the vanity as well as what size and model match best. This decision should come first before you begin to think of colors, finishes, and fixtures. To a large extent, the look and design of your bathroom would form the basis upon which you make your choice since they serve as a backdrop to your bathroom design. If you want, you can join the many family owners that have taken advantage of the L-shaped vanities in their master bedroom. Your choice layout should be something you would be proud of many years after.

  • Hit The Stores

Once you’ve decided on the layout you would want to work on; then it is time to hit up the market. Don’t be scared to buy those beautiful old dressers from those antique stores, flea markets, and resellers down the street. For a start, the idea of trying to convert a lovely old dresser into a bathroom vanity can seem intimidating, but with time, you would be glad you ever attempted it. This stuff would generally make for great DIY projects in your bathroom, and it would be easy for you to cut out the space to hide seal drawers and other plumbing materials. Customize more by adding towel bars on the side and putting a sink in it if you want.

  • Check Online For Extras

These days, there’s nothing you won’t see online. Most people have extras remaining when they work on remodeling their bathroom or any other part of their home. To them, there’s no better place to dispose of those remnants than in online stores like eBay or Craigslist. Checkout online stores for such leftovers, since they would most likely be sold at a lower price. Get as much as you think would be enough, before heading to a home improvement store in your area to buy what’s remaining.

  • Fixtures and More Fixtures

Now, it’s time to wrap up installations. While it is essential to pay attention to layouts and cabinet finishes, you don’t want to overlook cabinet hardware, mirror, lighting, and faucets. Try as much as possible to coordinate this with the rest of your design and color schemes.

There you have it, a few DIY tips that would make the difference in your bathroom vanity installation. Most of these tips are easy and straightforward. However, they would transform your work and make your bathroom beautiful. By the way, you can have a look at Myhomeware if you want to know more bathroom vanities.


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