Are you a big fan of the superbox? Well, if you are, I definitely won’t blame you. There’s just so much on offer on the superbox that it is hard to not be a fan. However, things just got better. With the superbox S1 PRO, the things you can do with a superbox just become more breathtaking.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the things you can expect from a superbox S1 pro and how this can ultimately improve your experience.

Exciting Features on the Superbox S1 PRO

1. 6K Ultra HD
If you are looking for a TV service that offers high definition on a platter of gold, then the superbox S1 PRO certainly does not disappoint.

It comes with a 6 Ultra HD which leaves every TV lover drooling. With this capability, you can be sure of a crystal clear display even on very bad days. That is an excellent addition to the collection!

2. Warranty
Just like most superbox, it also comes with a warranty. When buying this product, you will get a year’s warranty. This means that your risk level has taken a deep dive. If something goes wrong, you can always get a replacement within the first year without having to spend more money.

3. Subscriptions
Here’s my favorite part of the superbox S1 PRO. You get lifetime subscriptions. If you are very careful about subscriptions and the value they offer, then this is surely for you.

The Superbox S1 PRO will allow you to permanently subscribe to IPTV throughout your life. If that’s not cool, then I don’t know what is!

Other Factors That Make The Superbox S1 PRO Incredible

Other things also make this choice simply the only choice. One of them will be the installation process. Unlike both services, this superbox makes the installation process very simple. It’s something you can actually do yourself if you are the mood.

That’s not all. The superbox S1 PRO also comes with an air mouse. Combine this with a remote and you have total control of what you watch and when from anywhere in the house.

The storage capacity of this superbox is also worth mentioning. With the superbox S1 PRO, you can have at least 2GB of storage to play with. This can eventually be extended to 18 GB.

Do you know the best part of all this?

This superbox is actually quite affordable. However, before making a decision, it’d be wise to plan well and pull out a plan on how to get it.

So What Should I Do Next?

Well, if I were you, I’d be looking at my situation and analyzing how fast I can get this superbox! The cutting edge services it offers is one that you simply cannot deny.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! The superbox S1 PRO is obviously in a class of its own. The only left is for you to embrace it and experience the wonderful service it provides.


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