A simple yet great way to get your eyes to look stunning is by having great lashes. However, many people don’t naturally possess gorgeous eyes and need aid to help their eyes pop. That is why investing in magnetic eyelashes is an excellent way of doing this. These eyelashes type gives you the option to apply them in the comfort of your home. If you are considering wholesale magnetic eyeliner purchase for either a business opportunity or for personal use,  below are some things you should keep in mind.

  • Read The Magnetic Eyelash Instructions

Whether you are dealing with a private label magnetic eyeliner or a well-known brand, it’s essential to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Though eyelashes might look similar, the type of material and technology used in their manufacturing process plays a role in its application process. For this reason, take a moment and read the instructions to understand the application process to understand the best way to use them.

  • Clean The Magnetic Eyelashes

The design set up of magnetic eyelashes differs significantly with tradition eyelashes in the market. As expected, they require a more in-depth care process than ordinary lashes. Unfortunately, though many people spend a lot of money on purchasing the best eyelash extensions brand, many of them don’t employ the same zeal in cleaning them. To ensure that the magnetic eyelash remains with a strong pull, ensure you clean it after use, and always follow the specific manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Use Correct Eyeliner For The Magnetic Eyelashes
Magnetic Eyelashes

The easiest way to make a magnetic eyeliner and lash kit useless is by using incompatible accessories with it. In the manufacturing process of magnetic eyelashes, a specific type of magnetic eyeliner caters to its use. Nonetheless, there are numerous companies selling eyeliner, labeling them as compatible with various magnetic eyelashes. However, as there is no standardization, it’s challenging to know if it will work well with other company brands. Meaning, it’s essential to buy the pair from the same company brand to avoid any mishaps.

  • Take Care When Customizing The Magnetic Eyelash

To help consumers, manufacturers place special instructions within the packaging of every magnetic eyelash. The guidelines include care and general application process. When customizing the eyelash extensions to follow your natural curve, ensure you do not overdo it. To avoid messing up or getting a dramatic upper bulge, slightly bend the lash, counterchecking if it gives a satisfactory curve that suits your eyes.

  • Be Precise When Cutting The Magnetic Eyelash

Usually, when lashes come from an eyelash extension factory, they are long strips that are unusable. Typically, there is a band that extends past the magnet’s hairs that need to be trimmed out during customization. Thus, measure and cut down band edges that aren’t streamlined with the lash hairs and can poke you. Also, cut down lash strands that are weak and can bend and poke you safeguarding your eye from any injury.


As magnetic eyelashes are highly customizable, they are a great way of adding volume to your eyes without any damage to your natural eyelashes. As seen above, whether you are purchasing retail or wholesale magnetic eyeliner for use, proper care needs to be in place to ensure it serves you for a long time.


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