Any tool has a set of safety tips to keep in mind – even the simplest ones. And these safety tips can be very handy especially if you are using a certain tool for the first time. A leaf blower is no exception. It may seem to be a simple and easy tool to handle but when used wrongly, it can cause some damage.

Wear safety equipment

Most people skip wearing safety equipment because they are mostly uncomfortable wearing them and they think it is actually a hassle. People often tend to forget that safety equipment is meant to protect you. When it comes to using a leaf blower, you need gloves, goggles, dust mask, and ear plugs. Gloves prevent blisters and they reduce the vibrations you get while using the leaf blower. You should also wear a dust mask to prevent you from inhaling any pollutants. Ear plugs are needed to protect your ears as a leaf blower can make up a lot of noise that can affect your hearing. Goggles will protect your eyes in case you cause debris to fly around and hit you. If you have long hair, make sure to tie it up and that you are not wearing any jewelry or loose clothing.

Read the manual

Not all tools operate the same way – some brands often add a unique feature to make their product stand out from their competitors. Reading the manual will help you be familiar with all the settings so that you can operate the cordless leaf blower correctly.

Walk through the yard first

Before using your leaf blower, walk around the area first. Look for any debris and rocks and clear them first. They can be dangerous projectiles in case they get blown. And they can ruin your leaf blower when they get sucked in.

Dealing with power

When using an extension cord, make sure that it does not become a trip hazard. Take note that power tools meant for outdoor use must have an outdoor cord. You can save yourself from the hassle by using a cordless leaf blower. If you are using a gas-powered unit, be mindful when filling the fuel. Make sure that you clean up if there are spills and that you wash your hands properly after using the leaf blower.

Do not leave unattended

If you get tired in the middle of the task and need to take a break, make sure that you do not leave your leaf blower unattended. This is especially if you have kids or pets around. They might tinker with the machine while you are away and hurt themselves. It is important that you lock it up or keep it out of reach when not in use.

Use only with a clear mind

And lastly, do the task when you have a clear mind and you are alert. Do not do it if you feel tired or if you are under the influence of alcohol, medication, or drugs.

Remember, accidents can happen anytime even if you are an expert. Knowing these leaf blower tips will help you have a safer experience while doing your tasks.


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