Yes, indeed it is. What is life? Many of us will agree to the fact that life is a journey, but what kind of journey varies from person to person.

For some, life is a beautiful trip to a peaceful destination, some would say it’s a roller coaster ride, some might agree to say that life is dull and full of challenges. Who defines life? Is our destiny responsible for it or our Karma? A lot of elderly people will say, “You were destined to live a life like this.” But that’s not the fact it is we who define what our life is. We all have heard a lot of inspirational stories of a lot of famous people like Mahendra Singh Dhoni a small town boy who became the most successful captain of Indian Cricket team, Ed Sheeran a singer who used to play guitar on the roads, but now is a famous singer and his songs are hitting top slot at the charts of the UK and the US. What was so special about them well of course their talent, but more than that it was their perspective towards life and never ending zeal to stream their boat out of the ocean of struggle. Late President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam once quoted, “ Man needs difficulties in life because they are necessary to enjoy success.” Hence, don’t be afraid if you are facing a lot of hardships its just the gold being processed to gain its shine.

I see a lot of people in today’s fast-moving world joining Art of Living classes so that they can understand what life is, how to be happy in life. Do we need this art of living classes? The answer is NO. When was the last time when you left your phone aside and stood outside to feel the freshness of the breeze, when was the last time you went out for a walk without your headphones on and tried listening to the music of the nature? Have you ever tried questioning yourself before blaming the situations? The beauty of life is not in phone, Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter and beauty is not about how many likes you get for your profile picture, the beauty of life is the small things that Mother Nature has created and bestowed on us. Have you ever noticed a butterfly, it has such a short lifespan, but still wherever it sees flowers it goes and sits on it, sucks its nectar without thinking what will happen next. Your life will automatically become beautiful once you start feeling beautiful. Why depend on someone else to make your life beautiful rather find happiness within yourself that is Art of Living. Have a beautiful mind and your life will automatically become beautiful

We are too obsessed to have something that someone else is having, and thus we start cribbing about our life. We should not try to be a copy-paste of someone rather being original will make you happy. No one promised that life will be a cakewalk, but yes, it is still worth living.

All of us at some point or the other cribbed about going to school, doing homework and giving exams, but you will agree with me that all those school life memories bring back a big smile on our face. Then why to think so much. Let the life flow in its manner and we just go with the stream. We say that we have problems and hurdles, have you ever observed that a river has to travel through so many different places before it could meet the ocean. It crosses mountains and plains, ups and downs before reaching its destination. Obstacles, hurdles are all part of this journey called Life. As a child, we all used to draw paintings that had mountains, birds, trees, a small hut and a river flowing next to. All these add-ons would enhance the beauty of the picture. Let’s imagine a painting that only has a hut and nothing else will you like that painting of course not similarly if we have a life with no hitches then the whole essence of it will vanish.

Trust is another factor that makes life beautiful. .Who can understand us better than the Almighty, who created you? Have faith in God, he will never put anyone in a situation that that person cannot handle. Be full of gratitude. We must be thankful for what we have. We cry about not having modern gadgets and clothes whereas a beggar is content with even one day meal. Being grateful for what you have will make your life beautiful. Why look outside, try to see happiness in your routine. Try helping someone who is in need, try to bring a smile on someone’s face and trust me your life will become beautiful.

Here are some points which, if practiced on a daily basis will help you enjoy your life

  • See beauty in small things
  • Help others
  • Love yourself and Enjoy the smallest thing you do
  • Listen to others
  • Live with passion
  • Be grateful for what you have rather than cribbing about things that you don’t have


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